Exorcism ‘Virtual Freedom’ Lyric Video

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Heavy/doom metallers Exorcism have posted a brand new lyric video for the song ‘Virtual Freedom‘, taken from the EP ‘World In Sin‘ released on June 1./15., 2015 via Dream Records a division of Rock’N’Growl PromotionThe video made by Rock’N’Growl Promotion can be viewed below.

The EP was produced, mixed and mastered by Zvekan with the help of Dominus. The EP artwork was made by ‘Gragoth‘.

Exorcism‘ next full lenght studio album is coming this dooms day year 2015. This will be right before the comet strikes the earth, it all happens just before CERN opens the abyss and unleashes the beast for the apocalypse. Don’t listen to fools and false prophets … instead listen to EXORCISM.

Csaba Virtual Freedom

Singer/Producer – Csaba Zvekan

Some quotes:

Those into Dio/Tony Martin period Black Sabbath will delight in “Black Day in Paradise” and the dramatic 6:51 “Black Star”. Reverence to the masters, Csaba has rich pipes and this is ideal for those who love more thematic arrangements and solid metal chops that focus on the riffs and hooks while throwing in neo-classical textures during the lead breaks. (Dead Rhetoric)

What World in Sin boils down to can be summed up as a mixture of Ronnie James Dio worship with traces of Savatage and Jon Oliva’s Pain thrown in for gritty or epic sensations… (Matt Coe)

Following up last year’s highly enjoyable album I Am God, Exorcism unleash new EP World In Sin, an encounter in similar vein to its predecessor and sure to excite fans of artists like Black Sabbath and Dio as well as those with the appetite for a more modern take on their heavy metal… (Ringmaster)

Exorcism - World In Sin

Exorcism delivers a very Doomy performance on this EP, much in line with the realms of Black Sabbath and Candlemass. Zvekan‘ vocals and his approach is a bit angrier than the aforementioned two Doom Metal heavyweights. Doom Metal fans should enjoy. (Metal Express Radio)

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