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Latest reviews of the new Metal Machine album “Free Nation“. Metal Machine is pure heavy metal with high pitch screams, thrashy riffs, blast beats drumming and powerful bass lines. METAL MACHINE are singer/producer CSABA ZVEKAN (EXORCISM, ZVEKAN) – Vocals and some studio musicians.

What they say:

For every fan of Judas Priest in every part of the earth: Metal Machine is here to shake up the waters of the classic heavy metal sound and make any fan of Judas Priest happy! (

“…Zvekan kan bogen op een fantastische strot, waarmee hij noten haalt die Rob Halford en andere Rippers al lang niet meer halen. Soms sta je echt versteld van de extreme high-pitched uithalen van de man…” (

METAL MACHINE, it’s clear that this band resonates and plays what they promise – unadulterated traditional riff based Heavy Fucking Metal. The fact that ‘Free Nation’ is the band’s debut album adds more interest to the whole music. (

Csaba Zvekan did it again! Yes, this guy knows how to deliver a metal to the bone album! For all the fans of the classic 80’s classic metal sound, this record is highly recommended! (Heavy Paradise)

What you get here is some high-octane, adrenaline-fueled super metal, think U.D.O. on speed! Not for the timid or those who have heart issues! (True Metal Lives)

Free Nation hätte bei einem geordneten Entstehungsprozess locker mit Deja Vus Decibel Disease, Primal Fears Devils Ground oder Halfords Resurrection mithalten können. Auch wenn die Maschine noch nicht wie geschmiert läuft, auf die meisten Songs dieses Outputs möchte man auch so nicht mehr verzichten. (

Metal Machine VGS Guitars

Single “Morning Star“:
Single “Nailed To The Cross“:

I feel all musicians have ”Passion” all musicians have ”Talent” but some musicians have the ”IT” factor and Csaba is that type of music where his heart and his soul binds him to his travels. This Spotlight was a very special one for me cause it is rare in life to actually be friends with a band or musician that you really look up to and consider to be a real Metal Machine!!!!! November 2014 Spotlight Artist (Reviews by Jon)

Die Metal Machine macht ihrem Namen im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes alle Ehre. Denn selten hat eine Band ein so frisches, dynamisches und abwechslungsreiches Album erschaffen, das gelungen die Einflüsse von Bands wie AC/DC, SCORPIONS oder ALICE IN CHAINS miteinander in Einklang zu bringen weiß. Schwungvoller Classic Metal at its best! (Twilight Magazin)

METAL MACHINE – Exclusive Video Interview with Csaba Zvekan by Gustavo Freeze

Bei Metal Machine habe ich direkt an so eine Judas Priest oder Ripper Owens Band gedacht! So falsch lag ich da jedoch nicht. Titel wie “Metal Machine”, “Nailed To The Cross” oder “Hell Raiser” passen da gut hin, der Gesang ist richtig gut…. (

„Free Nation“, ein Album dem ich ohne weiteres ein Gütesiegel verleihen kann. An der Produktion hätte man vielleicht noch etwas feilen können, die gebotene musikalische Vielfalt hingegen ist de facto beeindruckend. (Zephyrs Odem)

“… The songs are pedestrian at best, full of well-worn metal clichés..” The new Metal Machine album “Free Nation” seems to be very controversial! (Metal Nation Radio)

If you are looking for good and “old” metal with power, speed, thrash and more; here’s your jewel for this weekend. We hope Metal Machine will bring us more hot stuff like this in the future.  (Roxx 2 Radio)

“Metal Machine created an album so full of steel that Magneto could taste it from the other side of the planet…” (Palace Of Rock)

The Metal Gods Rock Show has conducted and interview with Csaba Zvekan of Metal Machine.  Here is the recorded audio file. (The Metal Gods Rock Show)

Zvekan’s vocals are on the order of classic screamo heavy metal. He sings clean (mostly), but he’s basically going after something of mix between Halford, Sean Peck (Cage)! (

Metal Machine was done as a classic metal product packed in a modern package for todays metal World. It’s a more updated version of good old Heavy Metal what your mother used to make back in the days but with a more modern approach….. (Extreme Underground Music Zine)

Skull And Bones, Judas Priest anyone? How about “Painkiller”-era Judas Priest? How about just “Painkiller” rewritten? While it is a good opener it’s a straight-up rip-off. If you can overlook that you’ll dig it. Even with it’s muddy mix (which BTW runs through the whole album!) A for the intensity, but this one gets a D for barely trying to cover up how much it rips off a superior track!World Of Temptation, Here’s a long lost Alice In Chains track apparently! Detox, Pantera meets Iron Maiden? Craziness I say! Not bad though for what it is. Nailed To The Cross, Decent enough traditional heavy metal with some modern touches. More Judas Priest love. (Heavy Metal Time Machine)

You can hear on Judas Priest’s “Painkiller”or Halford’s earlier solos material while the band update it a bit by adding in elements of power, thrash and speed metal. (Extreme Underground Music Zine)

Seriously Metal Machine are a fully firing Heavy Metal mean and rabid animal flying, at you like a pouncing tiger on amphetamines. This album will not let you down, this is A PURE METAL MELTDOWN!  (The Metal Gods Meltdown)

This is a brilliant album that pushes Csaba into a massive world of metal done at its finest and he really pushes himself into entire new tonal territory making this the best the metal singer has done to date. Free Nation is everything I love about metal and can be considered a instant classic ranked up with the metal gods. If you have not got on the METAL MACHINE yet chances are you will!!!!!! (Reviews by Jon)

First and foremost Csaba Zvekan’s vocals are insane, his range blew me away! You are treated to an onslaught of pure fucking Metal performed at the highest level! (Rock Hard Place)

This record is a milestone and with it the birth of the new METAL GOD. This industry has to make a wise decision whether they’re going to book and invest even more money in bands that gradually have been fallen apart many years ago or they finally recognize the new rock stars of today that have a future. The musical ideas on METAL MACHINE and especially the vocal performance by CSABA ZVEKAN are worth a best note. (Gustavo Freeze)

Metal Machine Free Nation

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