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What they say about METAL MACHINE:

You can hear on Judas Priest‘s “Painkiller“or Halford‘s earlier solos material while the band update it a bit by adding in elements of power, thrash and speed metal. 8.5/10 read more

Seriously Metal Machine are a fully firing Heavy Metal mean and rabid animal flying, at you like a pouncing tiger on amphetamines. This album will not let you down, this is A PURE METAL MELTDOWN! …read more

This is a brilliant album that pushes Csaba into a massive world of metal done at its finest and he really pushes himself into entire new tonal territory making this the best the metal singer has done to date. Free Nation is everything I love about metal and can be considered a instant classic ranked up with the metal gods. If you have not got on the METAL MACHINE yet chances are you will!!!!!! 9.5/10read more

First and foremost Csaba Zvekan’s vocals are insane, his range blew me away! You are treated to an onslaught of pure fucking Metal performed at the highest level! …read more

This record is a milestone and with it the birth of the new METAL GOD. This industry has to make a wise decision whether they’re going to book and invest even more money in bands that gradually have been fallen apart many years ago or they finally recognize the new rock stars of today that have a future. The musical ideas on METAL MACHINE and especially the vocal performance by CSABA ZVEKAN are worth a best note. 9.5/10read more

Morning Star‘ song on Youtube


Pre-order METAL MACHINEFree Nation” now in your country!
Album release on October 24th, 2014 Worldwide on all digital platforms.

Metal Machine Free Nation

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