Pat Heath (Furyon) now endorses ESP Guitars

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FURYON are pleased to announce that Pat Heath’s Endorsement agreement with ESP Guitars has been signed off by ESP Japan, the main manufacturing hub and company HQ, and the band is also thrilled to say we are expecting Pat to be featured in the 2013 ESP product catalogue.

Pat has chosen to play Snapper Original Series custom shop strats, and Standard Series Formula NT-II and both are featured on ESP’s site here:

patheathespguitars Pat Heath (Furyon) now endorses ESP Guitars

Pat has stated: “These guitars are amazing, two of the best guitars I have ever played, and given the combination of 22 fret single coil pickup, and 24 fret Humbucker pickup guitars, this is just ideal for what FURYON need for their live and recorded set. I just can’t put them down!”

FURYON thank Selectron UK and ESP Japan for their continued support.

FURYON recently posted two guitar demonstration videos “Monster Licks“, part 1 and 2 can be viewed below:

Furyon Group2012 Pat Heath (Furyon) now endorses ESP Guitars

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