RAVEN LORD Bassist in IBANEZ Bass Video

Posted by on May 29, 2013 in News, Press, Promotion

RAVEN LORD’s latest addition to their ranks is LUCIO MANCA for the bass position. LUCIO MANCA is presenting his new bass guitar IBANEZ BTB 675 in a live video performance over the RAVEN LORD song “World out of Steel“. The video can be viewed below:

MANCA will be touring with RAVEN LORD starting their summer shows in the UK in Nottinghamshire on the 20th June 2013 in THE DIAMOND UK.

Lucio MancaLUCIO MANCA in his own words: “Raven Lord are one of the greatest heavy metal bands of our time. Every musician in this band has a background of great experience and professionalism. I’m proud to take part in a band destined to grow, because when you live your music with all your heart, using all your strength and put your energy into it, you get the best satisfaction. I’m proud to announce my official participation in the band, and I thank Rock N Growl Management my new teammates Csaba, George, Joe and Rich for giving me this great opportunity. See you on stage with Raven Lord!”

Singer and bandleader CSABA ZVEKAN comments:”… just caught myself again watching this great little video that Lucio did for us. I’m very impressed by his version of “World out of steel“. We welcome Lucio Manca to RAVEN LORD…”

RAVEN LORD’s shows shape up as follows:

20. June THE DIAMOND, Nottinghamshire, UK
22. June R-MINE METALFEST, Hamonst-Achel, BE

more shows t.b.a.

RAVEN LORD’s current line up is: Csaba Zvekan – Lead vocals, Joe Stump – Lead Guitars, George Karafotis – Rhythm Guitars, Lucio Manca – Bass, Rich Smith – Drums

A new heavy metal behemoth is born! Indispensable for true metal fans, Raven Lord’s music also contains neo-classical influences as well as trace elements of power metal, though ultimately the combined talents of the individual members result in a most uniquely commanding sound. This multinational act aims high, primed to join the ranks of classic hard rocking bands such as Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath in the premier league of heavy metal acts.

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  • MetalMaster on Jun 02, 2013

    Can’t wait to see them live on 22. June at the R-Mine Metalfest in Belgium \m/