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Raven LordDescent To The Underworld” review at Lords Of Metal Webzine Netherlands

With Raven Lord a new multinational band is born. The members hail from al corners of the world and have a lot of experience in several bands. They played with Tony Martin Band and Blaze Bayley amongst others. On top of that comes the fact that their debut Descent To The Underworld was recorded and mixed by the famous Fredik Nordström. Looking at these facts Raven Lord has a good position to amaze us with their music. Raven Lords music is best described as heavy metal, but it also leans very much to power metal. On top of that come what the band calls neo classical influences. You can hear those by the (limited) use of synthesizers. But on the whole this is music for the so called true heavy metal fans. With the combination of these elements you get fast riffs, tight solos, but also melodic vocals on Descent To The Underworld. All of this is supported with a firm bass and pounding drumming. Along the album there are a few moment that seem a little less interesting, but on the whole album there is not a bad song amongst the eleven songs. From opener The Rebel till closer Sun God Raven Lord rocks on in the highest gear. Therefore Descent To The Underworld is recommended to the aforementioned true heavy metal fans! Rating 80/100

Raven Lord at Lords Of Metal


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