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Raven LordDescent To The Underworld” review at Rock Tribune Magazine Belgium

The best known musician in this international act Raven Lord is no doubt guitar player Joe Stump. Stump, after a vast solo career and also being part of acts like Reign of Terror and Holy Hell may still be counted amongst one of the best neoclassical shredders. The pure American power metal songs are, in comparison to other bands within the genre more interesting due to his sublime solo’s. As a whole, Raven Lord has a very recognizable sound and the keyboards are providing somewhat of an epic sphere to the songs. With Csaba Zvekan, Raven Lord has a more then suitable vocalist who brings the songs on “Descent To The Underworld” in a very convincing way. Just like on his other projects like best known Killing Machine, Csaba knows how to provide each song with sheer power and emotion. Together with the superb guitarplay we get a wonderful combination. The best part of Raven Lord is that Joe Stump this time is not presented as the ‘leading figure’ and the album did not turned out to be an egotrip. Songs like “The Rebel”, “Black Friar”, and “Word Out Of Steel” are pure American Power Metal. Rating 80/100

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