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Ashes You Leave - The Cure For Happiness
Doom/Gothic Metal CD
Rock N Growl Records 2012

Now it’s time to rewrite the history! The band’s 6th album, “The Cure for Happiness”, will be the heaviest record in the band's career!

Credits: Giada “Jade” Etro – lead vocals Berislav “Bero” Poje – lead guitar and vocals Matija Rempesic – guitar Marta Batinic – violin Luka Petrovic – bass guitar and vocals Sasa Vukosav – drums / Guest musicians: Ana Toric - flute Darko Terlevic - keys

Tracklisting: 1. Devil in Disguise, 2. Only Ashes You Leave , 3. For the Heart, Soul and Mind , 4. The Ever-changing , 5. Meant to Stray, 6. Summer’s End, 7. Reality Sad, 8. The Cure, 9. ...for Happiness

AYL never played better and they never felt so comfortable about the songwriting. It took's almost six months to finish the whole album, but that is the strongest record AYL written, both musically and lyrically. Recorded again in the G.I.S. studios, under Matej Zec’s watchful eye. The record will see the enchanting Ms. Giada “Jade” Etro behind the microphone. This mesmerizing and amazingly talented singer comes from Italy and this will be her first release as a lead singer. Be prepared to hear the perfect soundtrack to your suicide!

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Voodoo Highway - Broken Uncles Inn
Classic Hard Rock CD
Rock N Growl Records 2011

A quintet of good fellas making loud hard rock for the happiness of those who enjoy loud hard rock.

Credits: Matteo Bizzarri – Guitar, backing vocals, breaking guitars, Filippo "Gonzo" Cavallini – Bass Guitar, Vocals, backing vocals, Federico Di Marco – Vocals and rhytm guitar, Vincent Zairo – Drums, Alessandro DUO' - Organ, guitar, backing vocals

Tracklisting: 1. Intro (Since 1972), 2. Till It Bleeds, 3. The Fire Will Burn Away, 4. J.c. Superfuck, 5. Window, 6. Running Around, 7. Broken Uncles Inn, 8. Heaven with No Stars, 9. Gasoline Woman, 10. In Fact Its the Worst / Bonus Tracks: 11. Broken Uncles Inn (Live), 12. In Fact Its the Worst (Live)

Outrageous Hard Rock of Exquisite Quality – A hot fist of rock n roll straight up into your ass! "The New Movement of Heavy Metal has Arrived! This Band is the Next Deep Purple!!" (Craig Gruber, formerly ELF, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore).

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