SILENT OPERA Present New Singer and Video

Posted by on Feb 14, 2013 in News, Press, Promotion

Italian symphonic metal band SILENT OPERA announced that Francesca Zaff is their new singer, enlisted Alex Lombardi as second guitarist and released the new video for the single “Symphony Of Time“. Watch the new video below:

The band has to say: “After ups and downs, we are happy to present Francesca Zaff as our new singer today and Alex Lombardi on guitars. The new concept of the band doesn’t require some alter-ego figures to create a story; that’s why the real names of the members are going to be used for now.

Francesca Zaff Alex Lombardi

SILENT OPERA working heavily on a new album, the new songs are going to be more aggressive, but theatrical, and more voices and chorus are going to be implemented.

SILENT OPERA are: Francesca Zaff (vocals), Marco Clari (guitars), Loris Volcizzi (drums), Andrea Pin (bass), Alex Lombardi (guitars)

Silent Opera Metal

SILENT OPERA’S music is ageless symphonic metal, traversing the terrain between the rhapsodic romance of Mother Earth/Silent Force-era WITHIN TEMPTATION, the dynamic drama of NIGHTWISH and the theatrical thrill of Phantom Of The Opera.

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  • Paula Gaskins on Aug 16, 2015

    A very talented band. Their music goes beyond the norm and often boring riffs that are played over and over by so many musicians. They are a treat for my ears!