E-Force Band
French metallers E-FORCE will release their third album, "The Curse..." on 11th April via Mausoleum Records. E-FORCE have been labelled monsters of Thrash, and they are, but Eric Forrest’s (ex Voivod) wide array of musical influences, interesting lyrics and vocal capabilities set them apart from the pack and ensure that this band is very original.

01. Invitation
02. Perverse Media
03. Witch Wrk
04. Serpent’s Kiss
05. Awakened
06. Psyclone
07. Devoured
08. Mass Deception
09. Your Beloved Hate
10. Infexxxous
Liva Opera Metal
French Canadian opera metallers LIVA to be released their third full-lenght album 'Human Abstract'. More than ever, LIVA is a leader in the metal opera style in Canada.

01. All that's Past
02. Desert Places
03. The Last Word
04. Human Abstract
05. The Indian Serenade
06. Sleep
07. Evocation
08. Come In
09. Interlude pour Italo
10. Winter Days

With the addition of two new members, LIVA has given itself new wings.