RockNGrowl 2014

Who are we?

H ard N Heavy business since over 25 years, with different activities: promotion, management, marketing, wholesale, booking, label, consulting, publishing, etc… Keep it simple and direct in the face! We can guarantee nothing! Only one thing, to work our ass out for the fame of our bands! Rawk!

C urrent bands/clients/partner: TEN, IN FAITH, METAL MACHINE, BLACKWELDER (feat. Ralf Scheepers, Aquiles Priester, Bjorn Englen), EXORCISM, FURYON, FAMOUS UNDERGROUND (feat. Nick Walsh of Moxy, Slik Toxik), VOODOO HIGHWAY, TABERAH, MIRACLE MASTER, CHAINFIST, RAVEN LORD, ZVEKAN, CSABA ZVEKAN, SWITCHBLADE, Dream Records, Houston, Skyscraper (feat. Lee Small ex-Shy), Nubian Rose, Night By Night (feat. Ben Christo of Sisters Of Mercy), Moxy, Graveyard Shifters, Overwind, Hell’s Chopper, Gautama, Pan, Elegantly Wasted, Mass Destruction Inc., Ghost Dancer Music, Limewire Records, Escape Music, Sun Hill Production, Rock City Booking, Blackmoon Creep Agency, Hydra Productions, Cargo Records, GoldenCore Records, ZYX Music, Mausoleum Records, TMS Productions, M&O Music, Metal-Temple, Phoenix Festival UK, Hard Rock Hell UK …

P ast clients: Tainted Nation, MetalWar Fest, Lord Volture, Praying Mantis, Hollywood Monsters (Tim Bogert, Vinny Appice, Don Airey, Paul Dianno), Dokk’em Open Air, Existance, E-Force, Eden’s Curse, Rockbier, Kilmara, Lions Of The South, Reverse Grip, PPM Fest, Donnie Vie Band, Kirk, Factor Hate, Darkyra Black, Heretic’s Dream, Empires Of Eden, Dust On The Tracks Records, Now Or Never, Robin Beck, Houston, King’s Call, Shatter Messiah, In Arkadia, Acidcell, Nononsense Bookings, Rockshots Agency, Faithsedge, Keen Eyed, Secret Sphere, Assignment, Myon, Izkar Producciones, Hammerjack, Nuclear Salvation, Ashes You Leave, Silent Opera, Pump, Xander Demos, Code Of Silence, Suzy Q Cook, Max Pie, M:Pire Of Evil, Grenouer, NitroVolt, M & O Music, Deadend In Venice, Livarkahil, Awaken, Taunted, The Last Shot Of War, Mystery Blue, Seven Thorns, Cold Rush, Dead Cowboy’s Sluts, Unchained, Cornerstone, Vindictiv, Rough Angel, Byfall, Dominanz, Rob Mancini, Lucky 13, Killing Machine, Tormenta, Sanchez, Silver Lake, Dream Of Illusion, Victimizer, Synclair, Reason, 81dB, Lucid Dream, Fireforce, Tangent Plane, Zak Stevens (Circle II Cirlce), Elektradrive, 7 WEEK, As We Die, Debt of Nature, Empty Tremor, Inhale Your Hate, Ivan Mihaljevic, Kuadra, Lab Eleven, Minuetum, Normahl, Outsmarted, Psycho Choke, Constantine, Hades, Tangent Plane, Winterland, Pack Of Wolves, Beto Vazquez Infinity, Orions Reign, Tommy Vitaly, Perpetual Fire, Sorrows Path, Crystal Tears, 7 Ray, Black Candy Store, Timesword, Edge Of Forever, Wayward, Hardpack, Ash Inheritance , City Of Lights Records, SG Records, Massacre Records, Nuclear Blast Records, Suffer In Silence, Azure Agony, Ice Warrior Records, Tagio Della Vega, Eönian Records, Number, Murder Therapy, Souldeceiver, Lockjaw Records, Scala Mercalli, Rock It Up Records, Persistense, Sutuana, Overtures, Voices From Beyond, Vermin, Thanatos, Deity Down Records, A Sound Mind, Seven Gates, Crekko , Motorband, The Last Warning, Voodoma, Lyriel, Bitter Piece, Dawnfades, Frozen Infinity, Jool, 7 Ray, Parkhaus, Mindwise, Uzi, Madhouse, Shake City, Charlemagne, High Noon, Gynger Lynn, Pistol Dawn, Stockholm Stoner, M.A.D., Stone Lake, CTA (Danny Serphine), Brunorock, Rusted Chains, Crises, Mindead, Mafuba, Ken Hensley, Magni Animi Viri, Brendan Keeley, Nu Noize, Macbeth, Anyones Daughter, Rock Realms, Lift Magazine, Corrosion Of Confirmity, Cursed, Bad Religion, Boywonder, Sorgenbrecher, Farmer Boys, Die Sterne, Machine Head, Supergroove, Eathcake, Paw, The Bates, Headcrash, Phantoms Of Future, Selig, Gotthard, Epitaph Records, MTM Music, Now & Then Records, Fury In The Slaugtherhouse, Offspring, Nazareth, Magnum, Prong, EMI and many more…

What do we offer?

We take care your band is present in the right media (print, webzines, online radio, radio) and organize reviews, features, interviews etc. We have a big list of media people to work with us. We heavily feature our bands in the social media: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, Google +1, etc.

First goal for our bands is to get a distribution-, licensing- or record deal as well as reviews, interviews, radio-play, video-play and massive presence in the social media.


,, Rock N Growl's main man Axel Wiesenauer is the type of manager that we needed in our career. He's always at service and basically he's working 24/7. He offten tells me that he never gives up on his goals and I can confirm that. All in all we are happy to be a part of R'N'G family!
Berislav Poje, Ashes You Leave
,, Working with Axel has been a complete blessing for me and Empires of Eden. It's so hard to find people in this industry you can trust and Axel has worked tirelessly in support of not only the fragile industry we have but for Empires of Eden. It's guys like this that restore your faith in the industry and thankfully it's guys like him who will continue to keep this industry alive. My friend, I salute you!
Stu Marshall, Empires Of Eden
,, If you want your souls to be saved and get the key to Heaven from Saint Peter, you have to support these guys! These are some of the last golden boys in music biz...
Filippo Cavallini, Voodoo Highway
,, RNG are as committed to succeeding as anyone I have ever met in this shark infested business. They will take your goals and work their arses off to try and get you there. You can't ask for more than that!
Paul Logue, Eden's Curse
,, When Kill Ritual and Rock N Growl signed our management deal we had great expectations on the outcome of our working relationship. Within a year we've already signed a deal for our debut. Axel and his team understand the realities of today's market and what to expect and how to achieve the proper goals that any serious professional band has. I mean just look at the quality of bands on the roster. Kill Ritual looks forward to our continued cooperation and a bright future together!
Steven Rice, Kill Ritual
,, Rock'N Growl truly lives and breathes Heavy Metal. These guys are professionals good hearted and minded. They are always on your task getting it done with ease. I am a very proud customer and Rock'N Growl represents many of my projects. A big thanks you !
Csaba Zvekan, Raven Lord
,, If you and your band are into getting your name outthere in the metal world, Rock’N’Growl is the place to be. Axel the owner is one of the most dedicated people I have worked with, as a Manager and as a promoter. He wants the best for his bands and business partners. It's all about working relations – It's all about ROCK’N’GROWL \m/
Michael Kopietz, Chainfist
,, Great guys guaranteeing a familiarly close workflow you can rely on and trust in! We'll keep up the good work together!
Kevin Klein, Deadend In Venice
,, Hard working, trustworthy, professional and reliable. Rock N Growl provides the best promotion and management services for metal artists. In a world where many labels, managers and bookers sit back and withdraw your money, these guys actually add value to your band.
David Marcelis, Lord Volture