About – Who are we?

About Rock’N’Growl Promotion is a independent music Publicity, Press, Promotion & Consulting company that was founded back in the 90s.

We have over 25 years experience in the music industry business. We have worked with coming bands, newcomers and well known names. Rawk!

About RockNGrowl

What do we offer?

Publicity, Press & Promotion: We take care your band is present in the right media (print, webzines, online radio, fm radio and social media) and organize reviews, features, interviews and more. We have a massive list of media people to work with us. We heavily feature our bands in the social media: Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Youtube, Instagram and more.

Special YouTube Promotion services are available, to get real (no fake shit) views & subscibers.

Consulting: First goal for our bands is to get a distribution-, licensing- or record deal as well as reviews, interviews, radio-play, video-play and massive presence in the social media. Furthermore try to bring our artists/bands on the stages!

About Our work!

Current bands/clients/partners:

DUST & BONES (YouTube PR), VANISH (YouTube PR), MIDJUNGARDS (Press, Promotion), BAZOOKA TROOPAZ (Press, Promotion), HARD EXCESS (Press, Promotion), KARDANG (Press, Promotion, YouTube PR), GENERATION STEEL (YouTube PR), Sons Of Sounds (YouTube PR), BLACKLIST UNION (PR, Consulting), EL PUERTO RECORDS (Co-Operator ), PETER ROXX (PR, Consulting & Management), MATT MITCHELL & THE COLDHEARTS (Video PR, Booking, Consulting), REVERBNATION, FURYON (PR, Consulting), RAWKAHOLIC CONSULTING (Owner), ROCK’N’GROWL RECORDS (Owner) ⚡️

Our fromer bands/clients/partners:

Social Disorder, Showdown, Jaime Kyle, Lost Asylum, King Zebra, Star Vision, Dispyria, The Revenants, Vanish, Crossplane, Undertow, Pontillo & The Vintage Crew, Peterson, Lord Bishop, Warrior Soul, The Boyscout, Crossplane, Cargo Records, Livewire Recods, Salem Rose Music, M-Theory Audiom Sons Of Sounds, AFM Records, Santa Cruz, Psycholies, Deadly Circus Fire, Alle Hackbar, Undertow, Reaktion, American Jetset, Ignited, Wallner Vain, Dawn Of Destiny, Sacrosanct, Slyder Smith & The Oblivion Kids, David Reece, Last Days Of Eden, Emerald Sun, Stepfahter Fred, Dieversity, Red To Grey, Graveshadow, Molly D’Ago, Sevi, Max Pie, Existance, Sacrosanct, Mean Streak, Jaime Kyle, Kill Ritual, GMR Music, Crusader Records, Golden Robot Records, Bad Mofo Records, Headless, Anti-Mortem, Tao, Mick Southerland, Ignited, Wildstreet, Sorceress Of Sin, Immortal Guardian, Silver Talon, Janina Jade, Cobra Cult, Monstr, Feral Ghost, The Straddlerz, Cats In Space, The Mercury Riots, Steel Rhino, Lori, Bliss My Heart, The Last Siren, Black Steam, Ninth Sphere, Sami Yaffa, Me And The Rest, Rockavenger, Eyes, Sonic Desolution, Witchbound, Wallner Vain, World Of Damage, White Wizzard, Peter Hermansson, Fiction Syxx, Weekend Recovery, Criminal Records, Sainted Sinners, Garagedays, Stan Bush, Warrior Soul, Ledfoot, Scardust, Silk Road, Secret Rule, Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts, Cult Of Destiny, Invisible Horizon, American Tears, Deko Entertainment, Scorged, Joe Bouchard, Fortress Under Siege, Vice Squad, Dave Burn, Ledfoot & Ronnie Le Tekro, Damnetion Angels, Lord Bishop, ZYX Music, Golden Core Records, Methane, Hard Rock Hell Festivals, HRH Psych, HRH Punk, HRH 66 US, HRH Blues, HRH Hell Raiser, HRH Sleaze, HRH Goth, HRH Industrial, HRH Prog, Chic Festivals, HRH Vikings, Hard Rock Hell XIII, HRH Road Trip Ibiza, Off Yer Rocka Recordings, The Quireboys, Ravenscry, Goldray, Lucio Manca, Anti Mortem, Stoned Rocka, Vile A Sin, Teramaze, Master Charger, Beyond Shadows, Prime Creation, Ark Ascent, Dygitals, Earth, American Jetset, Game Zero, Time To Kill Records, Overlaps, Gorilla Riot, Collateral, Ryders Creed, Kill Ritual, Soldiers Of Solace, Ryan Roxie, Daxx & Roxane, Matt Keen, Colorvine, Blue Ruin, DSP – David Scary Perry, Blacmnayne, Desolation Angels, Airforce, Syteria, Love And A, 38, Krashkarma, White Boy And The Average Rat Band, Thunderfuck and The Deadly Romandics, Prime Creation, Ark Ascent, Earth, Vitne, Rat Bastard Syndicate, Smoke Hollow, Baby Snakes, Crowned By Fire, King Voodoo, The Unquiet, The Vice

Part 1

Vinnie Moore, Driftwood Sign, No Stone Left Unturned, New Disorder, Phonomik, El Puerto Records, The Soap Girls, Breaking Bands Festival, Indestructible Noise Command, Bullets And Ravens, Phil Lanzon (Uriah Heep)Sacrosanct, Rubicon Music, Live Wire Booking, MarysCreek, Blackwelder, David Ellefson, Thom Hazaert, EMP Label Group, Last Temptation, Peter Scheithauer, Altitudes & Attitude (David Ellefson & Frank Bello), Panorama, Combat Records, Ryan Roxie, Bullets & Octane, Johnny Wore Black, Tara Lynch, Planet Axe, Thy Station, Megaforce Records, Gods Of Silence, Savage Machine, Doll Skin, Jupiter Falls, Reverence, Houston, Öblivion, Straight Terror, Karma Violens, Reach, Felskinn, Big City, The Kut, Above Us The Waves, Indya, X-Romance, Hatchet, Kilmara, Beggars, Random Eyes, NullOZero, Melodious Deite, Co-Op, Marc Rizzo, Hank Erix, Steel Prophet, Trauma, Healthy Junkies, Sulo, Wrath, Bigfoot, Ace Mafia, Federal Charm, Sacrosanct, Thorium, Chinawhite, D’ercolre, Rock Company, Scarlet Rebels, Sky Empire, Sunflower Dead, Roar Rock Of Angels Records, Growl Records, Monument, The Jokers, Cattail Brew, Ashes Of Ares, Stevie R. Pearce And The Hooligans, Phil Lanzon, Purest Of Pain, Beyond The Styx, Highvol Music, Killer Bee, Perfect Blue Sky, Ward XVI, Vardis, Soto (Jeff Scott Soto), Spv, Steamhammer, Escape Music, Norrland Booking, Massacre Records, Kivents, B.B.Music-Management, Vier-Saiten Agentur, Gjerdrum Rockfest 2018, Diamond Black (feat. Ben Christo, guitarist Sisters Of Mercy), Snake Eyes Seven, Ann My Guard, Crocell, Eternal Rock, Sulo (ex-Diamond Dogs, The Crunch), Every Mother’s Nightmare, Chronus, Madam X (feat. Roxy and Maxine Petrucci, Vixen), Eric Bell (former Thin Lizzy), Ignitor, Caelestia, Sole Syndicate, Rock Candy Records, Golden Core Records, ZYX Music, Jeff Scott Soto, Talisman, Rock Goddess (legendary London rock trio), Mark Slaughter (the vioce of Slaughter), Broken Teeth (feat. Jason McMaster), Wraith, Cats In Space, Shadowside (feat. Magnus Rosen, ex Hammerfall), Autograph, Stan Bush, Not Over Yet ( feat. Blaze Bayley, Zak Stevens, Chris Poland, Charlie Huhn)

Part 2

Grinder Blues (feat. Doug Pinnick of King’s X), Killing Gandhi, Deever, One-Eyed Doll, Eastern High, Vecordious, At The Sun, Dopesick, Tragul, Semblant, Killing Machine, Dellacoma, OneGodLess, Massive, Vitne, Syteria (feat. Jackie Chambers of Girlschool), Mavara, Shadow Keep, Inger Lorre (The Nymphs), The Dog’s Damour, Onslaught, Helstar, Desolation Angels, Night Legion, Cage, Need, Tempt, Raven, Methane, A Killer’s Confession (Waylon Reavis formerly of Mushroomhead), Motograter, Killing The Messenger, Even The Dead Love A Parade, Dead By Wednesday, Cage9, Another Lost Year, Green Death, Arise In Chaos, Heaven Below (feat. Patrick Kennison of Lita Ford/Union Underground), Existance, Black Viper Records, Skumlove, Letters From The Fire, Shadowside (feat. Magnus Rosen – ex Hammerfall), Chuck Mosley (Ex-Faith No More), Apollo Under Fire (feat. Peter Klett from Candlebox), Aktaion, Suicide By Tigers, Thirsty (feat. Guy Bailey former of The Quireboys), Blaakyum, Pitch Black Process, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (former Misfists), Social Stain, Lo Sound Desert (feat. Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Fu Manchu Members), Rednote, Wire-Sound, Harmony Factory, Colour Of Noise (feat. Bruce John Dickinson ex-Little Angels, b.l.o.w and Matt Mitchell of Furyon), Anestis Goudas, Carl Begai, Rocktopia Records, Creative Music, Shotgun (Shotgun Messiah), Space Elevator, Narcotic Self, Vindra, Ten, Music Clout, Inverse Records, Peekaboo Primate, Days Of Anger, Stahl Entertainment, Rock N Roll Gangstar, Woodstock Festival, Stockholm Rocks Festival, Sun Hill Production, Reach, Night By Night, Miss Behaviour, Degreed, ColdSpell, Eric Bell, Section A, Jeff Brown, Aktaion, Rain, Mausoleum Records, Graveshadow, Darrell Bath, Ben Blutzukker, Amcd, Chainfist, Darkology, Prime Eon Media, Innfight, Darkyra Black, Diamond Dogs, R2R Festival, Famous Underground, Miracle Master, Taberah, Nubian Rose, Moxy, Graveyard Shifters, Overwind, Hell’s Chopper, Gautama, Pan, Elegantly Wasted, GoldenCore Records, ZYX Music, In Faith, Ghost Dancer Music, Escape Music, Voodoo Highway, Switchblade, Tainted Nation, MetalWar Fest, Lord Volture, Praying Mantis

Part 3

Hollywood Monsters (Tim Bogert, Vinny Appice, Don Airey, Paul Dianno), Dokk’em Open Air, Existance, E-Force, Eden’s Curse, Rockbier, Rock City Booking, Kilmara, Blackmoon Creep Agency, Lions Of The South, Hydra Productions, Reverse Grip, PPM Fest, Donnie Vie Band, Kirk, Factor Hate, Metal-Temple, Phoenix Festival UK, Hard Rock Hell UK, Heretic’s Dream, Empires Of Eden, Now Or Never, Robin Beck, Houston, King’s Call, Shatter Messiah, In Arkadia, Acidcell, M&O Music, Nononsense Bookings, Rockshots Agency, Faithsedge, Keen Eyed, Secret Sphere, Assignment, Myon, Izkar Producciones, Hammerjack, Nuclear Salvation, Ashes You Leave, Silent Opera, Pump, Xander Demos, Code Of Silence, Suzy Q Cook, Max Pie, M:Pire Of Evil, Grenouer, NitroVolt, Deadend In Venice, Livarkahil, Awaken, Taunted, The Last Shot Of War, Mystery Blue, Seven Thorns, Cold Rush, Dead Cowboy’s Sluts, Unchained, Cornerstone, Vindictiv, Rough Angel, Byfall, Dominanz, Rob Mancini, Lucky 13, Tormenta, Sanchez, Silver Lake, Dream Of Illusion, Victimizer, Synclair, Reason, 81dB, Lucid Dream, Fireforce, Tangent Plane, Zak Stevens (Circle II Cirlce), Elektradrive, 7 WEEK, As We Die, Debt of Nature, Empty Tremor, Inhale Your Hate, Ivan Mihaljevic, Kuadra, Lab Eleven, Minuetum, Normahl, Outsmarted, Psycho Choke, Constantine, Hades, Tangent Plane, Winterland, Pack Of Wolves, Beto Vazquez Infinity, Orions Reign, Tommy Vitaly, Perpetual Fire, Sorrows Path, Crystal Tears, 7 Ray, Black Candy Store, Timesword, Edge Of Forever, Wayward, Hardpack, Ash Inheritance , City Of Lights Records, SG Records, Massacre Records, Nuclear Blast Records, Suffer In Silence, Azure Agony, Ice Warrior Records, Tagio Della Vega, Eönian Records, Number, Murder Therapy, Souldeceiver, Lockjaw Records, Scala Mercalli, Rock It Up Records, Persistense, Sutuana, Overtures, Voices From Beyond, Vermin, Thanatos, Deity Down Records, A Sound Mind, Seven Gates, Crekko , Motorband, The Last Warning, Voodoma, Lyriel, Bitter Piece, Dawnfades, Frozen Infinity, Jool, 7 Ray, Parkhaus, Mindwise, Uzi, Madhouse, Shake City, Charlemagne, High Noon

Part 4

Gynger Lynn, Pistol Dawn, Stockholm Stoner, M.A.D., Stone Lake, CTA (Danny Serphine), Brunorock, Rusted Chains, Crises, Mindead, Mafuba, Ken Hensley, Magni Animi Viri, Brendan Keeley, Nu Noize, Macbeth, Anyones Daughter, Rock Realms, Lift Magazine, EMI Dance Music, Brainstorm Music Marketing, Corrosion Of Confirmity, Cursed, Bad Religion, Boywonder, Sorgenbrecher, Farmer Boys, Die Sterne, Machine Head, Supergroove, Eathcake, Paw, The Bates, Headcrash, Phantoms Of Future, Selig, Gotthard, Epitaph Records, MTM Music, Now & Then Records, Long Island Records (DE), Music In Media, Fury In The Slaugtherhouse, Offspring, Nazareth, Magnum, Prong, EMI Music and many more…