Aktaion ‘Candid Flow of the Shrapnel Dust’ Video

Swedish metallers AKTAION has released the new single & lyric video for “Candid Flow of the Shrapnel Dust“, the song is taken from their new album ‘the Parade of Nature‘ featuring Christopher Amott (Armageddon, ex-Arch Enemy) and Joey Concepcion (Dead By Wednesday, Armageddon) out on July 29, 2016 via Bandcamp. The video was made by Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art.

AKTAION says: “The video for Candid Flow of The Shrapnel Dust is done by Andy Pilkington over at Very Metal Art. It was quite the experience to work with Andy on this. He redefined what we conceived as a lyric video and took the themes and emotions behind ‘Candid’ and built upon them into something great. The end result is well beyond our expectations. ‘Candid’ is one of the longer tracks on the album and contains several emotions and themes spread throughout the album, which ended up into this one song that we hope will bring something new to the listeners! For the video we also wanted something extra to add depth to the lyrics, beyond some of the strong images already featured in the video, so we contacted and got the thumbs up from PETA to use images from their video bank, which can be seen throughout the video!”

The Parade of Nature is in a lot of ways a concept album with regards to different lyrical themes, lyrics, melodies and progressions intertwining between the songs and throughout the album.

Francis stated: “I wanted the songs to have broader connection beyond being just great songs gathered on the same CD. I broke some of my own barriers which said ‘I can´t do this or that’ such as in repeating different lyrics and melodies. But writing like that became easier, especially as I wrote most of the songs parallel to each other and my mindset as in meaning and emotion behind the lyrics remained the same. There are continues references between the songs on the new album and I feel this creates both an listening experiences that differs from how you might perceive an album otherwise, and also something that pays off in listening to the album as a whole while studying the lyrics. To add to the concept of Aktaion and bind our two albums together, I reused melodies from our first album. This idea became the opening track on the album, which I then continued building upon and brought with me into the other songs.”

Aktaion The Parade Of Nature


1. As the Hope Collapses
2. Candid Flow of the Shrapnel Dust
3. Seven
4. Walrus March
5. The Parade of Nature (feat. Christopher Amott)
6. Stones into Sand (feat. Joey Concepcion)
7. Death Coloured Gold (feat. Christopher Amott)
8. Gold Coloured Dreams
9. For All the Things
10. The Silent Song (feat. Christopher Amott & John Anderberg)
11. Silence


Francis Larsson – Guitars
Jonas Snäckmark – Vocals
Axel Croné – Bass
Jonatan Ney – Guitar and vocals

Aktaion Band

AKTAION sprung to life in 2015 with the release of their debut album ‘Throne‘. Wyrd Ways Rock Show praised the heavy side of Throne as in: “If you are a fan of full-on heaviness – we’re talking mosh pit heaviness – then AKTAION are definitely for you.”

As main driving force behind AKTAION since the beginning, Francis Larsson took the initiative yet again for their second album “the Parade of Nature“.

Francis says: “The album is grazed with guest performances from Christopher Amott (ex-Arch Enemy, Armageddon) as well as Joey Concepcion (Dead by Wednesday,Armageddon) which brought these songs to a next level. The title track featuring Amott is taken beyond amazing with the climatic solo he performed in my very apartment in our shared hometown.”

Early 2016 AKTAION went out to tour the northern parts of Europe and in April 2016, AKTAION visited east Europe and the Balkans as part of the Blood Mantra Balkan Tour 2016 with KrysthlaThy Disease, Hate and the legendary Decapitated. During the two week tour AKTAION visited and played in front of some of the most amazing crowds in a total of 13 cities in 9 countries.

With the release of the new album AKTAION will play a short run of Sweden before preparing for another run of Europe in the autumn of 2016.


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