AlleHackbar ‘In Your Face’ Album Out Now

AlleHackbar shredding themselves into a new generation of Oldschool rock

German heavy rock band, ALLEHACKBAR, have finally released their new album ‘In Your Face‘ as of today. ‘With heavy guitar riffs, fat drums, grolling baselines and a powerfull Voice, they are shredding themselves into a new generation of Oldschool rock.

Alle Hackbar In Your Face

Get the album on all digital platforms and the CD here:


1. In Your Face
2. No Return
3. Metal-Train
4. Religion
5. Beer, Scotch, Gras
6. Zander
7. Saturday Night
8. 2012
9. Born To Rock
10. Another Page
11. Fuck The Haters
12. Friendship
13. Modern Slave

All songs written and arranged by AlleHackbar. Mixed and mastered at Gunclub Studio.

In short: In Your Face, three small words that convey more heartfelt meaning than any clouded political speech, an album of muscle, flexed and ready to strike, in your face and never forget, that it is a right to prove people wrong. Liverpool Sound and Vision

The Band

2012 the Heavy Rock N Roll Band “ALLEHACKBAR” was founded by singer, bass player Pille and guitarist Harry, since 2013 they rock the world with drummer JanALLEHACKBAR have released one EP and two LPs plus a Live CD, till today party, fun and doing crazy stuff is the origin of the sound that the three guys are shredding all over Europe and already played over 120 Concerts in 6 countries.


Live is a mandatory appointment you should definitely join if you are a fan of outstanding liveperformances too. Indeed the liveshow is a special experience fully loaded with energy and fun that will be released on stage. The crowd always is animated by the band to sing along and party hard with the band, that no one stands still anymore.
AlleHackbar Rock


PILLE – Vocals, Bass
HARRY – Vocals, Guitar
JAN – Drums

In addition the new Album ‘In Your Face‘ includes not only ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock ́n Roll‘, songs like ‘Modern Slave’, ‘No Return’ and ‘Fuck The Haters’ set a somewhat harder pace and draw attention to what is going wrong in the world.

In conclusion: Get ready to rumble, something big is here.