Apollo Under Fire ‘Gotta Believe’ Video

US rockers APOLLO UNDER FIRE released a new lyric video for the song “Gotta Believe” featuring former Candlebox guitarist Peter Klett and Eye Empire/Submersed vocalist DonaldDCCarpenter. The track is taken from their forthcoming self-titled album, out in June on David Ellefson’s (Megadeth) EMP Label Group – (USA) eOne Music / (Europe) SPV. The video can be viewed below.

Apollo Under Fire is a band that strives to reach the soul.  In a day and age where we seem content to focus our attention outward, AUF is using music to look inward.  Over the last 20+ years, they have each soul searched their way through the music industry song by song, with a wide range of success, all the while learning more about themselves and growing closer to God. Two of those paths came together in 2013 when Donald Carpenter (SubmerseDEye Empire) met Peter Klett (CandleboxLotus Crush) at a Benefit Concert they were both performing at in Orlando, FL for the Johnny Damon Foundation.  The two immediately connected and had sparked what would become Apollo Under Fire. In early 2014, the stars aligned again. DC and Peter were both coming off the road and had been presented with the opportunity to get in the studio and start writing.  Ironically during this same time, DC met Tom Costanza (Llamabeats), a self taught drummer from NYC who’s father used to be a player in the NYC Jazz scene. “It was honestly a really rough time for me and my family. I really had no idea what was next for us and then this opportunity to start something new came up, it was exciting. At that same exact moment, I met Tom. He is such a great person and talented musician, not just on the drums but the piano too. The universe was at work for sure” – DC.

Apollo Under Fire

During the writing process the name was born.  Apollo is one of the most important and complex figures of Greek and Roman Mythology.  Within mythology, Apollo is recognized as the god of Music, Healing, Sun, Light, Poetry and more. For a band like AUF who root their message in the Spirit and it’s purpose to the soul, this was an interesting concept to base their band. By the fall of 2014 Donald, Peter and Tom had the songs for Apollo’s debut release ready and began the recording process at LaLa Mansion in Tampa, Florida with Peter at the helm. With record in hand and Bass tracks orchestrated by Adam Kury (Candlebox), the search for a permanent bass player was on, so DC reached out to a Tampa area musician by the name of Stu Cox (Releese).  The two had met casually a few times before and it had been mentioned that Stu was a player.  “Right away, Stu was a great addition.  His ability was there, that was clear but his personality was a big selling point. He’s a positive, loving person with a big heart ” – DC.  With the “lineup” in place, AUF began the rehearsal process and it soon became evident that a strong 2nd guitar player was necessary to bring the songs to life. That’s when Jimmy Kwong (SoulSwitch) made his entrance. A well known Orlando talent, Jimmy had been a mutual friend with many of the Apollo members for a few years, so he was a natural fit. “I had played with Jimmy quite a few times during my Eye Empire years and always loved his personality and work ethic. It’s great to have a guy who can challenge you and contribute to the band on so many different levels, we are blessed to have him” – DC

Apollo Under Fire Band

Apollo Under Fire are:

Donald Carpenter – Vocals (Eye Empire/Submersed)
Peter Klett – Guitars (Candlebox)
Jimmy Kwong – Guitars (SoulSwitch)
Tom Costanza – Drums
Stu Cox – Bass

With the the support of their dear friend Johnny Damon, two years of painstaking determination and enduring patience, the guys in Apollo Under Fire are now aligned with Cavigold Records out of Seattle. They have signed on with EMP Management / Label Group headed by David Ellefson (Megadeth) and Thom Hazaert and have begun the process of building their Live Audience.  With nothing left but their love for the art and the support from the ones that they love, the time has come to bare their souls.


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