Beyond Shadows “Wolf’s Blood” EP Out Now

NEW YORK/NEW JERSEY-BASED MELODIC DEATH METAL BAND BEYOND SHADOWS HAVE RELEASED THEIR NEW FOUR-SONG EP “WOLF’S BLOOD”. Former MIDIAN Drummer Chris Hawkins & Guitarist Daniel Shepherd’s Self-Produced EP Now Available on iTunes and Amazon. The EP represents the duo’s most personal work to date. The music video for the title song “Wolf’s Blood” can be viewed here:

Beyond Shadows Wolfs Blood


1) Never An Answer
2) Wolf’s Blood
3) Regret Is My Name
4) Screaming Eyes (Go Unheard)

Produced, Mixed, Mastered by Daniel Shepherd. Recorded by Jerry Ramos @Mercury Studios (Rahway, NJ).

This EP has been a long time coming. Daniel and I have lived a lot since our days in Midian, and we realized we needed music back in our lives”, said Chris Hawkins, drummer, Beyond Shadows. “As they say ‘timing is everything,’ and this time the timing was perfect. We wanted to deliver a sound that combined contemporary death metal style, punctuated with melody and harmony, including references to old school metal. I think we achieved that as we bring listeners along our storied journey.

Songs include “Never an Answer”, “Wolf’s Blood”, “Regret is My Name” and “Screaming Eyes (Go Unheard)”, which tell a cautionary tale of hopelessness, defeat, domestic abuse, regret, self-reflection, reclaiming one’s life, and then making better choices.

After enduring loss, heartbreak and an injury in 2015 when my doctor told me I ‘better find a new hobby,’ I became laser focused on beating the odds. After two years of therapy I regained full dexterity and returned to music, which has always been the highlight of my life,” said Daniel Shepherd, guitarist, Beyond Shadows. “The album’s theme is an analogy for life, that you might get knocked down and run into a ton of bad luck, but you don’t give up; you keep fighting for survival…like the wolf.

In 2008, Shepherd spent time with top metal producer Fredrik Nordstrom at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he honed his skills, enabling the band to self-produce “Wolf’s Blood”.

The band’s influences include Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica, Death and Carcass.

Beyond Shadows

Beyond Shadows is:

Daniel Shepherd – vocals, guitars, bass
Chris Hawkins – drums

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