Cattail Brew Release ‘It’s a bit difficult really’ CD

Americano Kick Ass Rock band, CATTAIL BREW, have released their new album ‘It’s a bit difficult really‘ on March 23th, 2018 via Capital City Music Factory/Cargo Records. The album contains 10 tracks and featuring members of American Dog, Waysted and Snowblynd.

Cattail Brew Cover


1. Cry Baby
2. Side By Side
3. Fishbowl Blues
4. Liar
5. Jump Back
6. Get Back The Spark
7. Glitter
8. Fool’s Gold
9. Rock & Roll
10 .The Time’s Come


Fin Muir – Vocals (American Dog, Waysted)
Steve Theado – Guitars (Amercian Dog, Blackjack, Jade)
Joe Viers – Bass (Snowblynd)
Ryan Smith – Guitars (Snowblynd)
Keith Pickens – Drums (American Dog)

Cattail Brew Band

The CATTAIL BREW project started out as a thought and several trips to Columbus, Ohio by Mr. Fin Muir.  The first one was to sing  the song “Jump Back” on a Tommy Bolin Tribute  album. This song is what brings us full circle.

After  finishing the song Mr. Fin was introduced  to Columbus , Ohio favorites  American  Dog. Years before, “the Dog” was involved in recording a solo Pete Way project, while he was living in Columbus, Ohio.  This was going to be a CD of cover songs with half being done by “the Dog” and half by musicians on the other side of the pond.  Then the world changed and Pete Way was not allowed  back into  the US.  So here we sit with 4 cover songs without vocals!  Then came the introduction between “the Dog” and Fin and the desire to finish the cover tracks that was started for Pete.  While in the studio they decided to cover  the  Aerosmith version of “Walking the Dog”.  The Dog which included CATTAIL BREW’s  Steve Theado on guitar, and Keith Pickens on drums was so excited with the results that the decision was made to turn it into a full length project  with half cover songs and half new original music .  Thus was born the American Dog and Fin’s  “Dogatized” CD.

Before there was a chance to take the next step, the Dogs bassist Michael Hannon retired.  But the fire still burned for Mr. Fin, Steve Theado and Keith Pickens.  Thus the decision was made to bring in  the only one that could round out this group,  Joe  Viers.  Joe is the bassist of southern rock band Snowblynd and owner of Sonic Lounge Studio  in  Grove City, Ohio.  The pairing worked  so well that some shows were added with material from “Dogatized”  and  from Fin’s vast catalog of songs from when he sang in the band Waysted! The results brought excitement to the band to continue playing and making new music.  The idea of bringing  Mr. Fin back to Columbus to create a new version of “Jump Back”,  brings this back full circle.  The new version was recorded with Fin, Steve Theado, Keith Pickens and Joe Viers.  So now we have a new record and a new story to tell of how we came to be, but NO NAME!

Mr. Fin has a line he likes to use regarding  this project, the studio, and Columbus, Ohio… “The Fickle hand of fate”.  Without which,  none of this might have happened.  Now it points back to the song “Jump Back” and the line CATTAIL BREW;  AND IT WAS DONE!!!  Yet, we still needed something to complete our live sound and his name is Ryan Smith a guitarist in the band Snowblynd.  Now here we are “CATTAIL BREW” ready to play for you songs from our new album “It’s a Bit  Difficult Really” and classic Waysted tunes  in the same show.

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