Darkology “Kill Me If You Can” Video

The “cult” concept video piece for the song “Kill Me If You Can“, is the visual accompaniament for the crushing opener from their latest  album, “Fated To Burn“, a vicious quasi thrashing tune in the best tradition of Metal Church and the mighty Judas Priest. Darkology are the first metal band in a long time to deliver a trully stellar and exhillerating album of pure crashing heavy metal that’s true to the genre without sounding dated.

The video’s concept parts were directed by UCLA grad, Tassos Kapsanis and edited by Methodd/EM and it stars a fair number of local talent from the burgeoning Athenian music scene.

Famous Grammy Award nominee producer “Chris Tsangarides” (Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and many more) oversaw the production of the album, which  features the talents of the Harris bros, Michael (Thought Chamber, Arch Rival, Leather, VS Chastain) on guitar and Brian (Firewind, Solstice(US), My Own Victim)  on drums respectively, along with internationally acclaimed vocalist Kelly Sundown Carpenter (Outworld, Beyond Twilight, Epysode, Firewind(2013), Iron Mask and many more) and one should not forget their bassist Mike Neal (Medieval Steel, Salems Lot etc) who is also responsible for the majority of the lyrics.

Darkology 2015

Darkology has delivered a modern day classic, with “Fated To Burn”, getting excellent reviews and extensive press coverege worldwide.

The band did tour with Overkill, Prong and Enforcer last year and is looking forward to following that up with some dates that the management is currently working on for the fall.

A second video clip, for the title track from the album, featuring fire-performer, MissVanity aka Veronica Scandale is expected to surface sometime in September and is pretty sure to set the world on fire.

Miss Vanity