Darrell Bath ‘Roll Up’ Album Release

UK punk rock blues guitarist and songwriter DARRELL BATH (Vibrators, Crybabys, ex-UK Subs, Ian Hunter, Nikki Sudden, Dogs D’Amour) to release his new solo album “Roll Up” on December 11 via Livewire/Cargo Records. A snippet of the song “It’s In The Music” can be streamed here: https://youtu.be/FlRK0jVEyiM

On his latest release, he is joined by Crybabys drummer Robbie Rushton and bassist Chris McDougall. Don’t miss this light-hearted, loose-limbed collection of 9 brand new and original rockers and groovers through a pea-soup of Stones-ish guitar.

Darrell Bath Roll Up

Track listing:

1. Dancin’ With The Devil’s Goombah
2. It’s In The Music
3. Dirty Rocky Road
4. Slimline Jim
5. Clingin’ On
6. Eye For An Eye
7. Muppets
8. Rat Palace
9. Man/Monkey


Darrell Bath – Guitars & Vocals (Vibrators, Crybabys, ex-UK Subs, Ian Hunter, Nikki Sudden, Dogs D’Amour)
Robbie Rushton – Drums (Crybabys)
Chris McDougall – Bass

Darrell Bath Songwriter

DARRELL BATH, taking time out after 2 1/2 years of relentless worldwide touring with the Vibrators.

Bath played with various bands before joining the UK Subs in 1987. He went on to form the Crybabys with Honest John Plain. In late 1992, he joined the Dogs D’amour and contributed to their 1993 album “More Unchartered Heights of Disgrace“. The following year, he appeared on the Grammy-nominated album “Ian Hunter’s Dirty Laundry“. He also recorded and toured with Nikki Sudden.