Deadend In Venice – New Album Cover Artwork, Track Listing Revealed

German meldic death metaller DEADEND IN VENICE is seeking funding for its second studio album “A view from above” through the fundraising web site

One month left to reach the target!

“Today we will give you some more information to keep “A view from above” tasty and delicious. Tracklist and cover artwork (design by Archetype Deisgn) are done and want to be seen by you. So you’ll probably now know a little more detail on what you’ll get if you receive your copy of the album. Only the music have to be recorded up until know – but luckily you still can help us through PledgeMusic! We have reached 33% but it is still a long way to go. Let us show together what can be possible in the metal world! Join us and take a look:

Deadend In Venice Album CoverTracklist:

1. Ides of May
2. Black Baccara
3. A glow in the dark
4. Changing directions
5. Devolution of the crown
6. In dawnless days
7. An alien in disguise
8. Nothing’s left in long-closed eyes
9. Ocean of regret
10. Call from the North
11. The overview

A view from above” will be the second album from DEADEND IN VENICE. The music sounds more grown up and the lyrics are aiming again to interpersonal issues but also other worldly conflicts. The metal part and influences in the music have increased significantly but it doesn’t harm the catchiness of the songs in any way. “A view from above“, the logical development of the sound from DEADEND IN VENICE!

You can be a part of that vision – just take a look at PledgeMusic and preorder the album or other very interesting packages to help in financing the recording.

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