DOMINANZ “Devoured by the Black Hole” Single Artwork, Video Sample Available

DOMINANZ is a modern and hellishly powerful band hailing from Norway.

Devoured by the Black Hole“, the first single from Norway’s hellishly modernists DOMINANZ’s second album will be released worldwide digital 10th of October. The artwork (by Cadiesart) for the new DOMINANZ single, “Devoured by the Black Hole” and a sneak peek of the song complimented with livefootage, can be seen here:

Roy N. Mathisen: Vocal, Bass (ex: Taake(live musician) and Ofryskje)
Jørn Tunsberg: Guitar (Hades Almighty, ex: Immortal and Old Funeral)
Frode Gaustad: Drums (ex: Thy Grief)

Guest musician:
Lars Skulstad: Synth (ex: Helheim) on “Devoured by the Black Hole”

Dominanz DevouredTrack listing:

1. Devoured by the Black Hole

DOMINANZ – is a modern and hellishly powerful band hailing from Norway. Basically the band members come from the Black Metal scene, (Hades Almigty, ex: Immortal, Taake, Thy Grief) and this is obvious in the way of singing, but also in the style of music. Adding some Atmospheric and Black Gothic stuff, along with various Industrial elements, DOMINANZ create music that moves into several dimensions. It is aggressive and groovy, and creates a creepy atmosphere. The lyric deals with everything from depictions of erotic oppression, slavery and ways to dominate fellow man. The main theme is on the bleak and destructive and living on the edge between life and death. DOMINANZ released the critically acclaimed album “As I Shine” in 2011. And you can now get a little taste of their next album.

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