FERAL GHOST ‘Speed Of Light’ Album Out Now

Classic melodic and guitar driven sound have brought comparisons with the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Eagles..

UK 70s infused melodic rock outfit, FERAL GHOST, have just released their new album ‘Speed Of Light‘ via Yellow Rhinestone Records. It’s FERAL GHOST‘s second studio album, with 12 tracks, following their widely praised 2014 debut ‘A Gathering Storm’.

Feral Ghost Speed Of Light


1. Roll the Dice
2. It’s Been a Long Time My Friend
3. The Lighthouse
4. Speed of Light
5. Love Will Find a Way
6. The Mirror
7. Invisible
8. Say It’s Not Too Late
9. My Sanctuary
10. Watch the World Go By
11. Without a Trace
12. Here We Go Again

FERAL GHOST’s blend of classic songwriting, layered harmonies and accomplished musicianship, combined with memorable melodies and sharp modern production, has helped the band establish a unique musical voice since it was first put together by singer/songwriter Danny Warwick in 2012.

The London-based group’s debut album  ‘A Gathering Storm‘  in 2014 was immediately singled out by reviewers and radio stations for its consistently strong melodies, and stadium sized hooks.

The album was also nominated for CD of the year by Indie Music Digest, which called it “an impressive debut statement that clearly proves this band is a force to be reckoned with in the UK and beyond”.

FERAL GHOST’s classic melodic sensibilities and guitar driven sound have brought comparisons with the likes of Fleetwood MacEagles and Pink Floyd, as well as the indie pop and rock sounds of Coldplay and Snow Patrol. But the 6-piece band’s blend of thoughtful lyrics, heartfelt vocals and infectious energy are entirely its own.

Feral Ghost


Danny Warwick – vocals, guitar
Chloe Hunter – vocals, percussion
Andy Watt – guitar
Lisanne Otten – keys
Marino Donati – bass
Paul Castleman – drums

Reflecting the turbulent and uncertain times of its creation, the album contains an incredible collection of 12 songs that span themes ranging from fear and loss to love  and hope.
Taking the band’s complex multi layered sound and sophisticated arrangements to a new level, while never straying from clarity of purpose and honesty of emotion,  ‘Speed of Light‘  is  FERAL GHOST’s most coherent, uncompromising and beautiful artistic statement so far.


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