Garagedays Release ‘Perchtenhymne 2020’ Video

Austrian metal band, GARAGEDAYS, have released a music video ‘Perchtenhymne 2020‘ for the song ‘And Again‘, the track is taken from their fourth album ‘Something Black‘, which was released on November 13, 2020 via El Puerto Records. ‘Perchten‘ is a old tradition from Tyrol in Austria, which can’t happen in 2020 due the Corona crisis. The YouTube video can be viewed below.

Stille Tage sind es heuer – nirgendwo ein Hexenfeuer! Das Brauchtum zum erliegen kam – und man die Tradition uns nahm! So lassen wir euch trotzdem gehn – hier könnt ihr unsre Passen seh´n!

Special thanx to: Perchten Pass Reith – Alex Lutz, Jaqueline Haaser / DJB – Mittner Flo / SEIDÄ PASS – David Knörnschild / Perchtengruppe Kramsach 2000 – Mike Brunner / Wima Pass Kramsach – Dominik Galleya

GARAGEDAY‘s new album ‘Something Black‘ contains ten varied metal anthems full of dynamism and joy of playing at the hightes level, which will please every fan of Metallica and Motörhead.


1. Back In Line
2. Something Black
3. And Again
4. I Be There (For You)
5. Out Of Control
6. My Own Way
7. The Calling
8. To My Soul
9. New Home
10. Walking Dead

Garagedays Something Black

The artwork was made by Jobert Mello (SabatonPrimal Fear).

The album can be ordered here:


Marco Kern – Vocals, Guitars
Dominik Eder – Bass
Rene Auer – Lead Guitars
Matthias Mai – Drums


GARAGEDAYS was formed in 2005 by frontman Marco Kern. The band stand with this line up since 2008.

Various demo CDs were produced, leading to “Dark and Cold” which became the band’s debut official release with Massacre Records in 2011. Their promotion of the debut included a European tour with death metal legends MASTER.

Following on from the success of the first album the band has worked hard with live shows, supported bands like EXODUSROTTING CHRISTGRAVE DIGGER to name a few.

GARAGEDAYS was on tour with JAKE E LEE´S RED DRAGON CARTEL in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic in May/June 2014 to promote their new album „PASSION OF DIRT“ released 28th of April 2014.

In spring 2015 GARAGEDAYS supported U.D.O on his massive 3 month European tour through 13 countries.

The band worked on their 3rd studioalbum with legendary METALLICA Producer Flemming Rasmussen and got fantastic reviews from all around the world.

GARAGEDAYS just signed a worldwide record deal with El Puerto Records for their 4th studioalbum to work with producer Andy La Rocque.