Helloween ‘Gambling With The Devil’ Album Review – Rock’N’Growl Rating 8/10

Helloween is a real winner while gambling with the Devil !

Helloween‘s new album is a top heavy/power metal stormer and will please all fans of this genre. No bad songs on it only some weaker moments. One of the stronger releases from the Pumpkin Guys with great vocals, riffs and drums. It seems Helloween‘s best days still to come in the future. Get you hands on this album now !

Brill tracks: Kill It, Paint A New World, The Bells Of The Hells, Dreambound, Find My Freedom, Never Surrender
Good tracks: The Saints, As Long As I Fall, Final Fortune, Can Do It, Heaven Tells No Lies, See The Night
Weak tracks: Fallen To Pieces, I.M.E., We Unite

Helloween Gambling With The Devil


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