Kardang Announce ‘Rizky Biznizz’ Album Release

It's a demonstration of old school rock ‘n’ roll played on 11

Norwegian hard rock band KARDANG, have announced the release of their new album ‘Rizky Biznizz‘, which will be out on October 20th via Kardang Music. “Rizky Biznizz” is their second album and is a demonstration of old school rock ‘n’ roll played on 11. Just 11 songs about girls, freedom and touring the States. Enjoy life and be happy! And of course buy the album. Pre-save here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/kardang/rizky-biznizz-4

Kardang Rizky Biznizz

KARDANG have recently released two music videos and singles for the songs: Don’t Let Me Drive: https://youtu.be/36wDtix9tRg and Change Of Heart: https://youtu.be/iBRemcCiMFQ.

The album was recorded and mixed by Thomas Gallatin at Riverside Studio. Produced by Thomas Gallatin and Kardang. Mastered by Espen Høydalsvik at OSLO:Fuzz.
Cover front illustration by Galle Schnabel. Music written by KARDANG.


1. Change Of Heart
2. Don’t Let Me Drive
3. Man Eater
4. We’re All Gonna Be Alright
5. Scandinavian Girls
6. Rizky Biznizz
7. When The Water Runs Dry
8. Dream Forever
9. Hey Everybody
10. Down To The River
11. In The End



Chris Williams – Vocals
Boogie Silver – Guitars
Jonkis – Lead Guitars
Terry Hammer – Bass
Freddy – Drums

KARDANG is back with a bang after their debut album “We Ain’t Dead Yet” (2022).

Today you see millions of new bands emerging every week. All drowning in the same river of hopelessness trying to come up with something new and fresh in a butt-fucked business. Then you have the band KARDANG. These lads write the music they love. Melodic rock ‘n’ roll, catchy riffs, stadium-sized choruses and a stage show hotter than a Finnish sauna. They just don’t give a fuck about fashion, trends and the color of Simon Cowell’s purse this year. KARDANG is giving one GIGANTIC MIDDLE FINGER to all critics waiting for a new and clever good-looking computerized disco- junk boy band ready to be to manipulated into the charts. RÅKK OFF!