L.A. Project ‘Rock Star’ Video Out Now

Formed by ex member of Deadwitch and Exiled

Portugese heavy hard rock project, L.A. Project, formed by ex member of Deadwitch and Exiled, have released their EP ‘5 Dimensions‘ in February 2022 and now a music video for the song ‘Rock Star‘, view the Youtube video below.

The video was made by Randall Hammer. ‘Rock Star‘ was produced, mixed and mastered by Ricardo Fernandes at Dynamix Studio.

L.A. Project was created by musician Luís Amaro with the idea to be a instrumental project. Singers Eric Castiglia and Mel Pollux were invited to join the project on three songs.

LA Project 5 Dimensions

Line Up ‘Rock Star’:

Eric Castiglia – Vocals
Luís Amaro – Guitars and Bass (ex CoastWise, Deadwitch, Exiled)
Christian Gangeri – Drums

L.A. Project

5 Dimensions » is a sympathic EP in a 80/90s Hard’n’Heavy genre.OdyMetal

Influeced by Van Halen and Dokken, melodic sound and technical Rock-Riffs.World Of Metal

The music is influenced by early 90s hard rock music like Van Halen, Mr. Big or Dokken.