MAX PIE Talks To Rock’N’Growl

Travelling through space and time, the Belgium based Progressive/Power Metal band MAX PIE, have been trying to reach the brightest stars. Five months ago it was their sophomore release, “Eight Pieces – One World“, via Mausoleum Records, that rocked the world. Steinmetal talked to the band’s vocalist, Tony Carlino, about the life after the album’s release, next steps and right back to the album itself.

Hi Tony, greetings, great to have you for this interview on behalf of Rock’N’Growl, how have you been?

[blockquote]Hi Steinmetal! Thanks for your interest! Everything is going well for the moment. Many great concerts are coming for the end of this year and also for next year.[/blockquote]

So what have you and your band MAX PIE been up in the last period of time since the release of your sophomore album?

[blockquote]As I said, many great dates with Queensryche, Evergrey, Freak Kitchen and awesome reviews coming from the whole world.[/blockquote]

Max Pie Logo

Five months passed since “Eight Pieces – One World” was released, how do you sum the worldwide Metal scene’s reaction to it? Whether positive or otherwise, was it as you expected?

[blockquote]I know that it is impossible to please everyone but positive reactions exceed our expectations. It seem that “Eight Pieces – One world” is considerated by most of the reviewers as a must in this style. So for us, it was unexpected and awesome.[/blockquote]

What can you tell about the support for the album? Have you toured or made any special showcases?

[blockquote]Nothing special. Since the release, we receive many propositions from promoters. It means that our name is growing.[/blockquote]

Have you already started on conjuring new ideas and elements for your next release? Any possible changes and alterations in your musical perception?

[blockquote]There will be probably changes, because we have a new bass player (Lucas Bouhina), and that’s the purpose of a new album. We want to include in the third album more ambients and groovy riffs. But we don’t have limits, we just wanna follow our fellings.[/blockquote]

Max Pie Album

Let’s go back a bit for some general info. Why choosing the name MAX PIE, for what it stands?

[blockquote]Before I arrive in the band, the name was MAX PY, the first letter from the name of each members but it means nothing when all the old members where gone. So we thought that MAX PIE was more fun.[/blockquote]

Since I feel the urge, and I haven’t asked you beforehand, “Eight Pieces – One World” was the name of your section album. I wonder if it has a special meaning to it?

[blockquote]Yes, we have developed the idea that each piece had a unique and different world compared to another, so we wanted to cover what is contained on the album. Each piece (or planet) symbolize one song (eight pieces: 8 songs / 1 world = 1 album).[/blockquote]

Which of the album’s tracks symbolize the closest thing to your vision of MAX PIE as a musical entity?

[blockquote]Each song demonstrate a part of the MP identity. “The Side of a dime” is epic and rich, “Sealed” is more R’n’R, “Vendetta” is more Metalcore. All the songs are different so I just can say all the songs.[/blockquote]

Max Pie Live

In general, how do you distinguish MAX PIE’s music from other Progressive Metal bands? What makes it unique in your eyes?

[blockquote]I don’t know. For us it’s unique ‘cause we do it. Many reviewers say that the album is not just progressive but also melodious with ‘Heavy’ and ‘Trash’& ‘Metalcore’ touches.[/blockquote]

What are your plans for the rest of the year when it comes to MAX PIE? Still supporting “Eight Pieces – One World“?

[blockquote]We just hope that with this album we will be able to reach more fans, make more show in great places & meet great peoples as you and your readers.[/blockquote]

Tony, I wish to thank you for your time for this interview. I must say that your band has made quite an impression on me and it was an honor to listen to you guys. I wish you all the best.

[blockquote]Thanks for your kindly words and for your support! Hope to see you all on the road! Cheers, Tony[/blockquote]

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