Max Pie ‘Odd Memories’ Album Details

Belgium based progressive power metal band MAX PIE will release their third album, “Odd Memories” on June 19 via Mausoleum Records. MAX PIE are powerful, melodramatic with heroic choruses, soaring vocals, and mind-blowing instrumentation.

Max Pie Odd Memories

MAX PIE will appeal to fans of Dream Theater, Rhapsody, Kamelot, Symphony X and Circus Maximus.”Odd Memories“, the most inventive and ambitious one yet featuring special guest Julien Spreutels (Epysode, Ethernity) on keyboards.

Track listing:

01. Odd Memories Opening
02. Age of Slavery
03. Odd Future
04. Promised Land
05. Love Hurts
06. Don’t Call My Name
07. Hold On
08. Unchain Me
09. Cyber Junkie
10. The Fountain Of Youth

Odd Memories“; 10 epic original and captivating progressive metal anthems!

Max Pie Band

MAX PIE are:

Tony Carlino – Vocals
Damien Di Fresco – Guitars & Keyboard
Sylvain Godenne – Drums
Lucas Boudina – Bass Guitar

Founded in 2005 by vocalist Tony Carlino, Max Pie – like most other bands in their early stages – underwent a number of unavoidable line-up changes but kept on writing, rehearsing and step by step building a loyal following thanks to a rigorous touring schedule and impressive stage presence.

In 2012 they released “Initial Process” their debut, featuring special guests Emmanuelle Casali (DGM, Astra) on keyboards and guitarist extra-ordinaire Patrick Thayse. The album was both a critical and commercial success around Europe, both with the Prog-Rock crowd and hard and heavy Rock fans in general, allowing them to tour as support act for Jon Oliva’s Pain.

The follow-up “Eight Pieces – One World” features Simone Mularoni – the mastermind of Italian prog-metal-rock masters DGM and the cyber–thrash band Empyriosto. Mularoni, in addition a celebrated producer, also mixed and mastered the album. Once again critically acclaimed around the world, they performed excerpts from this second opus while performing at festivals around Europe and touring with acts such as Symphony X, Evergrey, Fates Warning, Avantasia and Queensrÿche.

Now, in 2015, Max Pie returns with their most inventive and ambitious album yet: “Odd Memories”. More progressive, more melodic, more powerful.

And once again – as was the case with their two previous albums – Max Pie called on Simone Mularoni to produce “Odd Memories” at his Domination Studio, located in the medieval-fashioned Republic of San Marino. Finally, last but not least, Didier Scohier created the stunning artwork.