MAXXWELL Release ‘P.U.T.V.’ Music Video

After successful tours with Threshold and Gus G. as well as many other single shows MAXXWELL unpack the musical claymore and release the video clip to banger «P.U.T.V».

«The clip corresponds to our understanding of a real party» the band quotes. «Of course, MAXXWELL‘s wink and self-irony should not be missing». With «Braustation» there was also a real brewery (with a really tasty selection of beers) place for the video shooting. The troop proves once more that they can be reckoned with at any time, that mellowness of age is still far away and that they don’t give a damn about the opinions of others. «If we like it, we’ll go through with it. Without ifs and buts. Without point and comma. If you don’t like it, stay at home» is the simple slogan. And in the eleventh year of its existence it seems to pay off for the band. Chartentry in Switzerland with the album “Metalized“, the best sales and visitor numbers since their foundation and an ever bigger, loyal fanbase definitely make them want (yet) more. In autumn 2019 the fivepiece will also be making the stages unsafe with the Rock’n’Roll rebels and good friends NITROGODS and PSYCHOPUNCH (dates HERE), and will be providing thirsty throats, empty beer tanks and full clubs. True to the chorus of “P.U.T.V.” – “Pump up, pump up the volume, burn down burn down the ballroom, tonight’s gonna be the night ridin’ on till the morning light”. There’s nothing to add, cheers!