Methane ‘Olle Ekman’ New Drummer

Swedish/US metallers Methane have announced Olle Ekman is their new drummer. Late 2016 Andreas Strom gave notice that he would not be able continue as Methane‘s full time drummer and the band set out to find someone to fill his drum seat. In February Methane found him, non-other than a veteran in the Swedish metal scene, Olle Ekman. Ekman is probably most known as lead singer from Sweden‘s Deals Death and touring with Amaranthe.

Methane Band

Tim Scott (bass and vocals for Methane) and Ekman have both played in death metal band Volturyon, only not at the same time. Ekman sang on the first 2 albums from 2008-2011 and Scott played bass a short time in 2014 on the Human Demolition EP. Olle has not always been a singer. He originally was a drummer and has been it aching to get back behind a drum set.

Methane has recently released it’s debut album ‘The Devil’s Own‘ via Sony/Dark Star Records, and is now booking tour dates for 2017 – with already confirmed dates in Finland in the beginning of June.

06/01 Tampere
06/02 Turku
06/03 Vantaa

Methane The Devils Own

Methane formed in 2012 by American brothers living in Sweden Tim Scott and Dylan Campbell along with Jimi Masterbo. Methane’s ‘The Devil’s Own‘ has been released on Sony/ Dark Star Records February 17, 2017. This is the bands debut full length album. Methane has previously released 2 Eps ‘Southern Metal’ 2014 and ‘Spit on your Grave’ 2015 as well as two music videos. They have also been featured in the world’s first e-novel with music and on Metalhedz TV series among numerous compilation albums.

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