METHANE ‘Signed In Blood’ European Tour 2018

Swedish metallers METHANE will be kicking off ‘Signed In Blood‘ European tour. METHANE will be touring over the Baltic Sea to Estonia for 3 nights of groove metal along with Estonian groove metal band Intact and Finnish metallers StoneSoul. This leg of the band’s 2018 ‘Signed In Blood‘ tour will also mark the 1 year anniversay of the release of METHANE‘s ‘The Devil’s Own‘ album released on February 17, 2017.

Methane Band


03.02 Borlänge, Dented Chrome MC, Sweden
22.02 Tartu, The Undergorund, Estonia
23.02 Valga, Valga Rockiklubi, Estonia
24.02 Tallin, Rockstars, Estonia

Methane Live Estonia

METHANE will continue the tour through Scandinavia and mainland Europe until the end of winter 2018 and the tour will include some festivals as well.

According to Tim Scott (Bassist/Vocalist) the band is currently writing new material for it’s second album: “The new stuff is thrashier, heavier and groovier, we are loving it. Olle (Ekman) has brought a new demension to the band and our writing. We haven’t lost that Southern Metal dynamic either. I am really excited to get back in the studio. But first things first, playing live is where it the monsters come to life and where my demons feel at home.

METHANE is a hard hitting, and unapologetic southern groove/thrash band formed in 2012 and based in Sweden. Members Tim Scott and Dylan Campbell moved from America to team with Jim Masterbo and Andreas Strom. Between 2014 and 2015, with the release of two EP’s, two music videos, plus a soundtrack credit on the Metalhedz mini series, and the first eNovel with music, METHANE got noticed and subsequently signed by Dark Star/Sony Records in 2016. After a successful tour season, and welcoming new drummer Olle Ekman, they are preparing to assault Europe again.

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