Mick Southerland Release ‘Sorrow Upon You Now’ Single

Indie Pop In The Vein of The Flaming Lips, U2, Joy Division, and David Bowie.

Mick Southerland of Austin, Texas, plays a blend of pop and indie electronic with unique inspiration from greats the likes of The Flaming Lips, U2, Joy Division, and David Bowie.

An uncovered gem, Mick had already amassed over 2.5 million streams on SoundCloud before ever releasing an official record. Signed to the notorious Criminal Records label, his blend of melancholy lyrics and lush, old-school pop melodies are reminiscent of the classic 80’s with a mix of 20’s indie pop.

Stream, listen to “Sorrow Upon You Now“: https://smarturl.it/sorrowuponyounow

Sorrow Upon You Now

Ghost in this House is one of the best debut albums that I’ve heard.

Instantly captivating and entirely impressive, ‘Slumber’ has hidden frailty that makes it mesmerizing, largely due to Mick’s vocals and the presence that they bring…

Echoing with shades of early U2, Arcade Fire, and the textured emotive qualities of Death Cab For Cutie, ‘Slumber’ is a cultivated mix of wonderfully melancholic tones that expand and spread to become a lavish soundscape.BrokenRecords 9/10

Mick Southerland

Sorrow Upon You Now

Once in a while
Your slightings are cold and true
a curse from anointing you
You’ll see what I have seen
Once in a while
A fever it comes to me
And even a sane lover
Will leave you
Take this upon you now
the seeds are sown
the sparrow has flown
I’ll never own you now
The tide has changed
for the wretch and the stained
Sorrow upon you now
Sorrow upon you now
Once in a while
the knife is so sure and true
A crimson wash over
You see what i can do
Once beguiled
You need a soul to bleed
even a sane lover
Will feed on you