Perfect Blue Sky UK Radio Tour 2017

Multinational Psychedelic Classic Rock band PERFECT BLUE SKY (SWE/AUS) are proud to present the hightlights of their successful UK Radio Tour in November 2017, including BBC, Phoenix FM, Metro Radio and more. Some of the shows can be listenend and viewed below.

Alan Robson (Night Owls Presenter – Metro Radio): “You got an absolute fan in me and with music you don’t usually get. Just remember the name and you’ll be downloading them for the next 5 years! If that’s an acoustic set, just imagine what’s kicking out with a rack of amps behind ya, that’s a scary amount of noise“. “It’s like early Fleetwood Mac … that riff rock, we kind of miss it. It’s still out there but it’s not easy to dig out and bring into radio stations…It’s just a shame as there is a lot of talent out there for people such as yourselves, it’s just a matter of getting the word out there.. Saying hey this stuff is still happening! You can have it in your car, your headset.” Listen here:

Alan Robson

Claire Cavanagh (BBC Bristol):  “I am a big fan of your work and love the song Astronaut. I know you guys don’t think it’s so but I think it’s a really commercial catchy track, I love it! and now I’m a part of the band on tambourine!” Listen here:

Claire Cavenagh

Gordon Swindlehurst (BBC Cumbia): “I’ve been playing the single a few times now, but after hearing ‘Astronaut’ live, I detect shades of Sheryl Crow” Listen here:

Gordon Swindlehurst

Billy Butler (BBC Merseyside): “I can almost smell the incense from here” ” The album is so varied from rock heavy ‘Give you my love’ to a soft number like ‘Astronaut ‘and everything in between! It’s Classic” Listen here:

Billy Butler

John Gillmore (BBC Lancashire on the road with Children in Need) – ‘Give you my love‘ filmed at Roseacre Primary Academy). Watch here:

John Gillmore

Michelle Ward (Phoenix FM): “They are fantastic… If you have a chance to see them live, please do. We have already been playing them here A – listed ‘Astronaut’ & ‘Give you my love‘” Listen here:

Michelle Ward

BBC Humberside pre-recording session with Jame Hogarth.

Jame Hogarth

Live show Friday Dec 1 2017 in Stockholm at the Söder Teatern Kagelbanan support to SATOR.

Perfect Blue Sky Sator

With the uninhibited vibes of 60/70’s Psychedelic Classic-Rock, Perfect Blue Sky (SWE/AUS) infuses the listener with imagination and spirit. Perfect Blue Sky is a highly anticipated collaboration and multinational band featuring one of the founding members of the Swedish metal act Netherbird Pontus (Pna) Andersson and female solo rock vocalist Jane Kittofrom Australia.

One could suggest a reminiscence of Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks reborn in these two primary writers. Both Andersson and Kitto’s sound also embodies ZeppelinWishbone Ash and Pink Floyd influences along with odd timing cues.