PETER ROXX Release ‘Hero’ Video Teaser

Featuring Members Of Mean Streak, Engel, Gathering Of Kings

Brand new Swedish AOR Melodic Rock outfit PETER ROXX, featuring members Of Mean Streak, Engel, Gathering Of Kings, have released a video teaser for ‘Hero‘. Their first single and music video for ‘HERO‘ will be released on February 24th, 2023. The video teaser can be viewed on YouTube below. Pre-save the new single here:

Peter Roxx Hero Single

With one leg firmly in Rock and Blues and the other in catchy pop, add a twist of Country.

Peter Roxx


Peter Roxx – Vocals, Bass
Thomas Plec Johansson – Guitars
Oscar Nilsson – Drums and Percussion
Victor Olsson – Keyboards

Peter Andersson


Peter Roxx (Peter Andersson) is a songwriter and musician based in Skövde Sweden. Besides writing music and lyrics Peter also plays bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals. Peter has been in many bands over the years (AXIA, NIVA, Mean Streak) to name a few.

The idea when Peter Roxx was launched was to have full creative freedom to do exactly what He wanted within His musical sphere. After taking the decision to put the band Mean Streak to rest in 2021 past the covid-19 pandemic Peter felt the urge to explore a more melodic side to His music. Growing up with bands such as Journey, Bryan Adams Thin Lizzy etc. He felt the time was right to expand His musical frames and leave the traditional Heavy Metal behind for now.

In September 2021 Peter reached out to long time friend and musical partner Thomas ”Plec” Johansson. The first recording session took place in November 2021 in Crehate Studios Gothenburg Sweden.

Two tracks, Hero and Still Believe was recorded. Studio owner and drummer Oscar Nilsson (Engel, Hank Von Helvete) handled the drums and Plec the production and guitars. Peter did the bass and the lead vocals (and the backing vocals together with Plec).

In March 2022 three additional songs (Alive, Angel Of Mercy and Are You The One) was recorded with the same people in the same studio. Keyboards was added by Victor Olson (Gathering of Kings, Saffire)