Raw In Sect Release ‘Therion’ Video

Greek metal/rock band, RAW IN SECT, have released a new and crazy music video for ‘Therion‘. The song is taken from the upcoming third album ‘Kitro‘, to be out in September.

Filmed in London’s Black Island studios by director Peter Lee Scott, the band says the video is mean to reflect the transformation into Therion, which is to “find inner power in a primitive way getting in touch with your instincts.

The song’s unique blend of traditional Greek music with rock ‘n’ roll is, according to RAW IN SECT, meant to “redefine what aggressive/rock music is through a totally different approach than the one that has been known in the music scene.

Really though, it’s about doing something new and artistic instead of repeating the same old patterns of established bands in hopes of securing a career in a declining music industry. Changing the language of the lyrics in Greek, recording live, and not setting on the sound of previous records that was somewhat accepted, are among the risks we took willingly in order to express something new and reach wider audiences.


Kostas Diamandis – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Dimitris Alexiou – Drums, Backing Vocals
George Ioakeimidis – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ilias Platanitis – Bass, Backing Vocals

Raw In Sect Band

RAW IN SECT is a Greek metal/rock act that has released two full length albums, “Red Flows” (2011) and “Blue Haze” (2014). Possessed by a diverse, surprising and totally unique sound as described by many, the quartet has done several tours performing all over Europe which has gained them a loyal fan base as well as recognition as one of the most deserving bands to rise from the underground.

When the “Red Flows” touring era ended, they went on to record “Blue Haze” and mixed it with nominated Grammy award producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Caspian, Pearl Jam). RAW IN SECT presented a 7 minute animation epic for the self titled song which was praised by fans and members of artistic communities. The release of Blue Haze was followed by a very long touring schedule which included over 150 concerts in venues and festivals almost in every corner of Europe.

2017 finds RAW IN SECT preparing to release their new album “Kitro” among other activities. Having performed parts of it in various audiences, people speak of a band that is expected to shake and redefine the sound of the global metal/rock scene.


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