Reternity ‘Facing The Demon’ Album Review – Rock’N’Growl Rating 7.5/10

Reternity & Zörner are back with a bang !

Reternity is rough and raw – a piece of teutonic/swabian metal at it’s best. Great melodic songs with speed and thrash influences will break you neck. Face your demons and free yourself ! Fans of Rage, Lanfear and Glenmore will be pleased and the album cover is phenomenal…

Brill tracks: Tomorrow’s History, I Love The Night, Facing The Demon, Stone To Mouth, Strings Of Sor II: Sundown
Good tracks: Last Days Of War, Down. Not. Broken, Suicide Butterflys, Singularity
Weak tracks: Strings Of Sor I: Sunset, Reternity II

Reternity Facing The Demon