ROBIN BECK interviewed by RockEyez

On July 01, Brian Rademacher of RockEyez conducted an interview with Robin Beck, well known as the voice of ‘First Time‘ that peaked #1 worldwide. They talk about their new forthcoming album ‘Underneath‘, out this August. You can now listen to the chat below.

Recently released an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for ‘Underneath‘, the new album from American rock singer Robin Beck.

Underneath” will now be released on HMMR Records through Cargo Records on August 12th in the UK and August 15th in the rest of Europe. Release dates for the U.S. to be announced. To read a track-by-track breakdown of the album and to hear audio samples visit

Robin Beck Underneath Banner

Tracklisting for Underneath is as follows:

01. Wrecking Ball
02. Aint That Just Like Love
03. Sprain
04. Underneath
05. Catfight
06. Check Your Attitude
07. Burnin Me Down
08. Perfect Storm
09. Ya Can’t Figth Love
10. I Swear The Nights
11. Follow You

Press Quotes

This is just a damn catchy and enjoable album with a good down-to-earth-production, lots of fresh elements, which keep the whole thing interesting and a perfect rough female voice, which has become so rare nowadays. I keep my fingers crossed that Robin Beck will get their commercial success back with “Underneath”, because it’s simply her best album she has done in years and she deserves it!ROCK & METAL 4 YOU 9/10

This is a pure Robin Beck album from start to finish!! The rockier tunes along with the ballads are in perfect harmony and her voice still gives me chills!! “Underneath” is soundin’ fresh and dynamic with an updated modern sound in it that makes the final result a very enjoyable ride through Beck’s world!HEAVY PARADISE 8.5/10

The collaboration that takes place on this album was an amazing decision on Beck’s part. The music, the vocals, and the lyrics work so well with each other. HARDROCK HAVEN 8/10

Em resumo, caríssimos e caríssimas, “Underneath” traz Robin Beck em grande forma, com um álbum muito consistente e com excelentes canções, com uma sonoridade bem definida e sem atirar para todos os lados. Surpreendentemente, gostei de ambas as covers e por um simples motivo: as regravações respeitaram as versões originais e se mantiveram fiéis à elas. Não tinha como errar. E analisando de maneira geral, considero “Underneath” mais consistente que “The Great Escape”, e vejo Robin Beck em uma nova curva ascendente.AOR WATCHTOWER


For her latest album, “Underneath” Beck took a chance and allowed some new writers to submit material. When she heard their work, she was blown away. “It felt so right” she marvels, “I just had to have these songs for myself!

So, in addition to Robin and her boys Denander and Christian writing team, she now has Glen BurtnikBarry Jay and Fiona. “Underneath” includes songs co-written by Germany’s Crush Boys (Daniel Volpe and Thomas Lipp, known for their work with Dutch teen idol Jeronimo and German girl group Monrose), Swedish Eurovision 2013 winners Linnea Deb and Joy Deb (Robin Stjernberg), Charlie Mason (Miley Cyrus), Mark Smith (Cinema Bizarre), Christian Rabb and Frida Molander (Nina Zilli) and more. Plus, with husband James Christian (lead singer of House of Lords) again producing the album (and dueting on “Burning Me Down” — and daughter Liv, herself a star in the making, on backing vocals — “It’s a family affair” says Beck. “We just happen to be a family whose foundation is solid rock!