ROCK’N’GROWL Partner Up With TMS Studio

TMSTotal Master SoundMixing & Mastering is a privately owned recording faciluty who accepts exceptional clients for audio post production. The equipment surrounds the most current digital audio workstation software like APPLE’s LOGIC STUDIO and PRO TOOLS HD. The outboard is top notch high end effects processors like the LEXICON 480L, 224XL and 960L, TC Electronics 2290 and EVENTIDE ORVILLE. This should allow for a lots of creativity during the mix down phase.

The list goes on with an arsenal of vintage synths completely refurbished from the 70’ies and 80’ies. Highlights are YAMAHA CS-80, SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS PROPHET T8, MOOG MEMORYMOOG PLUS, PPG WAVE, ARP 2600, ELKA SYNTHEX, OBERHEIM XPANDER, ROLAND TB-303, etc.

TMS Studio

Mastering is also possible and with a special routing philosophy developed by the owner to achieve the warm sound of “the analog tube sound” combined with the high end processing power of todays DSPs. This is achieved with TC Electronics SYSTEM 6000 and SPL QURE, SPL VITALIZER. Mix down and mastering are both possible in Stereo as well as in Quad. With GENELEC’s 1037 in a three way monitoring system as well as GENELEC’s 1094 for near fields.

The engineer is an experienced musician and technician and has been working for over two and a half decades in this field.

So forget struggling with plug-ins that have no transparency in your mix or instruments that poorly emulate the original. Consult ROCK’N’GROWL for more information and get your next mix or master done with us.