Scardust ‘Strangers’ Album Review

Scardust Album Review

Scardust‘s new album ‘Strangers‘ is nearly a perfect progressive metal album. Strong songwriting, killer mix of styles with intelligent lyrics and a wonderful production. Each musician on the album is a master of it’s own in this genre. Prog metal of the hightest order.

Fave songs: Over, Gone and Addicted.

Rock’N’Growl score: 9.5/10

Scardust Strangers Review

Release Date: 30.10.2020
Label: M-Theory Audio

Track List:

1. Overture for the Estranged
2. Break The Ice
3. Tantibus II
4. Stranger
5. Concrete Cages (feat. Patty Gurdy)
6. Over
7. Under
8. Huts
9. Gone
10. Addicted
11. Mist

The album was mixed by Yonatan Kossov and mastered by Jens Bogren (OpethDevin TownsendArch Enemy).

Scardust is:

Noa Gruman – Vocals
Yanai Avnet – Bass
Yadin Moyal – Guitar
Itai Portugali – Keyboards
Yoav Weinberg – Drums

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