SONS OF SOUNDS Release ‘Let It Go’ Video

Recorded While On European Tour with Geoff Tate (Queensryche) in March 2022

German progressive heavy rock band, SONS OF SOUNDS, have released a music video for ‘Let It Go‘, the song is takentaken from their album ‘Soundphonia‘, wich was released via El Puerto Records. The video was recorded along the European Tour with Geoff Tate (Queensryche) in March 2022. View the YouTube video below.

SONS OF SOUNDS is a progressive Heavy-Rock-Ensemble. Six released albums, rich in powerful live experiences with numerous tours across Europe and the USA. But there is more! The Sons also do shows in their own live club in Southern Germany where they home base is. Guests as ex-Iron Maiden singers Paul Di’Anno and Blaze Bayley, Q5 or Night Demon, Geoff Tate (Queensryche), have shared their stage with them.

Sons Of Sounds Geoff Tate


Roman Beselt – Lead Vocals
Wayne Beselt – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Marc Maurer – Bass, Backing Vocals
Hubert ‘H’ Beselt – Drums

Four brothers. One band. Thousands of fans.

Sons Of Sounds Live Tour

As a four-piece Heavy-Rock-ensemble the Sons unleash a bundle of energy characterized by unity, play-euphoria and the zest of life. The outcome is a loud, ceremonial, vivid rock-experience. With perfidious, avantgarde structured rock-hooks and more classic, Maiden-inspired musical arrangements, they gain fan by fan. YouTube Videos with far over 100.000 views and a continuously growing fanbase on Facebook and Instagram are proof of this. Even more apparent are the faces of the audience at a live concert.

Their love for the stage makes it easy for the Sons to capture the audience’s attention. Whether on the Knock Out Festival along the side of Helloween and Pretty Maids, on the Rock of Ages along the side of Kim Wylde, Marillion and Saga or in a penal facility in front of prisoners-the Sons of Sounds transfer their powerful energy onto the crowds. The Sons are celebrated for their physical and mental exertion, for their show and for their songs.

All of that is only possible when artists really love what they do. Just as a band can only make it to the top having understood what it means to stay true to their vision; turning friends into brothers.