SULO Unveil ‘Nightshift’ & ‘Brilliant Outsiders’ Double Album Details

SULO has announced the release of his new double album ‘Nightshift‘ & ‘Brilliant Outsiders‘ with 27 tracks on September 14th, 2018 via Livewire/Cargo Records UK. It’s a: “A melancholy masterpiece and a Country Classic“.

Sulo Nightshift Brilliant Outsiders

Track listing:

Sulo – Nightshift

1. End Of Me
2. All Shapes Of Loneliness
3. Time To Alight
4. Nightshift
5. I Swear To God I Don’t Believe
6. I Keep Running Into Your Arms
7. Hit Me Where It Hurts
8. This Burden Is Forever
9. Hard To Go Easy
10. Still Sleeping With The Lights On
11. Recollection Of You
12. Lord Of Mercy On My Baby Tonight
13. If The Lights Return
14. Roaming Bird

Sulo Brilliant Outsiders

Sulo’s Brilliant Outsiders – Brilliant Outsiders

1. Brilliant Outsiders
2. Early Morning Light
3. Curse Of The Ring
4. Bring Down The Angels
5. God-Damned Jesus
6. The Girl With The Rainbow Eyes
7. Redemption’s At Hand
8. When The Work Is Done
9. Constant Reminder
10. Your Precious Heart
11. Love Is For The Broken Hearted
12. Good Enough
13. A Song For Every Train

Sulo Karlsson is well known as the frontman of Swedish glam boogie rockers Diamond Dogs and lead singer in the UK Punk supergroup The Crunch, that features members from The Clash, Sham 69 & Cockney Rejects. Sulo is also probably the most productive and creative singer/songwriter in modern time. He has been writing and releasing 5 albums (yep, 5) per year since 2008 for himself and other artists in almost any genre. Punk, Pop, Soul, Country and Rock n Roll it doesn’t matter, Sulo is literally everywhere!

Sulo KarlssonIf last years gifted Rock n Roll album “Sulo’s Full English“, contained 19 tracks with guest performances from Chris Spedding, Wilko Johnson, Robert Wyatt etc. was impressive, Sulo has managed to top that. This double deal is a songwriter at the top of his game.

Night Shift“ is a dark, melancholy almost acoustic ride into the depths of the soul. With naked, strong and sometimes painful lyrics on a bed of blue coloured melodies, Sulo manages to create a new musical landscape. Sulo says “It’s a musical diary of the things that keeps you awake at night, a study of the darkness within“.

Brilliant Outsiders“ is Sulo’s most ambitious work so far. Together with producer Kevin Porée he has writen and recorded 13 country duets. It all started with the song “Constant Reminder“, written and recorded at Berry Street studio in London before recording the vocals with duet partner Maria McKee in LA. Then followed a musical journey around the world, London, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Nashville, Florida and more. The line-up of duet partners is extraordinary with Janis Ian, Terry Reid, Bellamy Brothers, Linda Gail Lewis (Jerry Lee’s sister), Paul Young and more. Backed up by the UK’s finest Country band Los Pacaminos including Jamie Moses (Queen, Tom Jones Band), Hamish Stuart (Average White band, Pau McCartney, etc.).

The two albums together are an amazing collection of songs. 27 tracks with such high quality music and lyrics that you can’t help wonder how it’s possible. A double album for the lonely nights, early mornings and the long drive home.