THE BOYSCOUT Release ‘The Moment Of Our Love’ Music Video

New Single is a homage to the 20th anniversary of the song by the Finish band NEGATIVE. 

German rock act THE BOYSCOUT has released their new single and music video for ‘The Moment Of Our Love‘ today. The cover version is a homage to the 20th anniversary of the song by the Finish band NEGATIVE. The Youtube Video can be viewed below.

The song helped THE BOYSCOUT through a hard time and the least thing you can do as a trust & homage to the rock band NEGATIVE it is to release the single as the first release for the upcoming album “Best Time Of My Life“.


1. The Moment Of Our Love
2. I’ll Be There For You
3. Blood Red Rose – A Rock Fantasy feat. Amanda Somerville

The Boyscout Single


Manuel Mijalkovski (The Boyscout) – Vocals
Michael Voss – All Instruments (Mix, Mastering, Production)

The Boyscout

After the 2017th Album “WE WERE KINGSManuel wanted to end his music career but some circumstances and dreams remained not fulfilled. So here we are. The new THE BOYSCOUT Album “THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE” will be full of homages to bands and musicians who inspired Manuel to become THE BOYSCOUT. Without the Influence of Bands like BON JOVI, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, MEAT LOAF, NEGATIVE, THE KILLERS, CASANOVA and some local Bands that inspired Manuel to become the best version he could be.

Non than less MICHAEL VOSS produced this masterpiece. He used the historical ROCKMAN Guitar Amp that was produced by Tom Scholz from the Rock-Band BOSTON back in the 80ties. Michael Voss has achieved a lot of chart entries in the last few years, producing Michael Schenker, John Dive and many, many more.

A Special Thanks goes to Finland and the Rockbang NEGATIVE. Thank you for this Masterpiece.

Music & Lyrics by: Jonne Aaron Liimatainen, Lauri Jujuni Markkula, Antti Janne Rainer Aatamila, Christian Claudio Emil Mikkonen, Janne Ilmari Heimonen.

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