THE BOYSCOUT Release ‘Virus’ Music Video

A homage to the 20th anniversary of the song by the German band KICKDOWN

German rock act THE BOYSCOUT has released their new single and muisc video for the song ‘Virus‘. The cover version is a homage to the 20th anniversary of the song by the German band KICKDOWN and their album ‘Kawoom‘. The Youtube Video can be viewed below.

After the divorce “The Boyscout” had lots of up & downs but there was always the music that helped him through difficult times.

The Boyscout Virus


1. Virus
2. Our Night

“Virus” is by far one of „The Boyscout’s“ favorite songs not last because he has huge respect for the talent of the singer and songwriter of the song. „For me, „Michael Sisto” embody the image of a thoroughbred musician“. “The Boyscout” calls this song a rock anthem that may be considered as a celebration & tribute to rock band “Kickdown” and as a second earlier single for the upcoming album “Best time of my life”.


Manuel Mijalkovski (The Boyscout) – Vocals
Michael Voss – All Instruments (Mix, Mastering, Production)

The Boyscout

After the 2017th Album “WE WERE KINGSManuel wanted to end his music career but some circumstances and dreams remained not fulfilled. So here we are. The new THE BOYSCOUT Album “THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE” will be full of homages to bands and musicians who inspired Manuel to become THE BOYSCOUT. Without the Influence of Bands like BON JOVI, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, MEAT LOAF, NEGATIVE, THE KILLERS, CASANOVA and some local Bands that inspired Manuel to become the best version he could be.

Non than less MICHAEL VOSS produced this masterpiece. He used the historical ROCKMAN Guitar Amp that was produced by Tom Scholz from the Rock-Band BOSTON back in the 80ties. Michael Voss has achieved a lot of chart entries in the last few years, producing Michael Schenker, John Dive and many, many more.


My name is Manuel Mijalkovski, and I’ve been making Rock Music since 2004 as “THE BOYSCOUT”
and since 2018 as “RED PARTIZAN” I’ve been trying my hand at Metal.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with „FIBROMYALGIA“ an incurable pain disease that causes me to have to live with the highest level of pain in every fiber of my body 24/7.
Only strong medicine make me able to get up and lead a “normal” life.

Then in 2016 I was diagnosed with colon cancer and suddenly you are confronted with death, 14 days before my 44th birthday, the age at which my father died of cancer.
I was released as “cured,” but what does that mean?

You will never get rid of the physical and mental traumata.

That’s why the album “THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE” is so important to me. None of us knows how much time He has left in this world. And when you’re marked like me, it can go faster than you think.

I wanted to leave something in this world.
I wanted my music, my work, my dreams and my thoughts
that I recorded in my songs can still be heard long after I’ve left this world.

I want every person with an illness who reads these lines to be inspired and never lose the strength to look ahead and never give up.

I’ve fallen so many times, but I’ve always gotten up.
One day this will no longer be the case.

Here is my appeal:

To all Radio Station, all Promoter, all Label, all Musician and all People who love Music the way I do it.


Don’t rob them of their last hope of not being booked because they are (perhaps) restricted, if the musicians dare, then give them the chance.
Put their music on the radio to inspire the once with a lost of faith.
Makes them feel like they are one of us, even if they have a disability
We always “preach” that music fans stick together, so please just show it

„VIRUS“ is the 2nd single release from my album “THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE”.
In my life, the „VIRUS“ is my illness, which comes up again when I think things are going uphill again.
That always blows me away, when I think a dream is about to come true.

Let „VIRUS“ stand for your worst opponent that you defeat with it.


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