The Mercury Riots ‘In Solstice’ Album Review

Great groovin' US muscle rock for fans of Led Zeppelin, Great White, Tesla

The Mercury Riots In Solstice

The Mercury Riots deliver great groovin’ US muscle rock for fans of Led Zeppelin, Great White, Tesla…

Fave songs: Make It, Light It Up, Save Me A Drink

Rock’N’Growl score: 8/10

The Mercury Riots In Solstice

Release Date: 21.06.2024
Label: SAOL

Track List:

1. Make It
2. Be Yours
3. LA Girls
4. Sweet Melody
5. Take Me When You Go
6. Light It Up
7. Save Me A Drink
8. Scream It Out
9. 99 Degrees
10. Nobody Knows

The album was produced/mixed by Mike Fraser (Metallica, Aerosmith) and mastered by Ryan Smith (The Black Keys, Greta Van Fleet).


July 12 – Kungstradgarden – Stockholm, Sweden
July 13 – Kristianstad Rockfest – Kristianstad, Sweden
July 21 – Cowboy Und Indianer – Hamburg, Germany
July 22 – Cowboy Und Indianer – Hamburg, Germany
July 23 – Cowboy Und Indianer – Hamburg, Germany
July 25 – Plobannalec – Lesconil, France
July 26 – Port de Lesconil – Penmarch, France
July 29 – Wacken Festival – LGH Clubstage – Wacken, Germany
Aug 3 – Skogsrojet Festival – Rejmyre, Sweden
Aug 10 – Malmo Festival – Rock Stage – Malmo, Sweden
Aug 14 – Vasteras Officersmass – Vasteras, Sweden
Aug 16 – Billy Bootleggers – Nottingham, UK
Aug 17 – Gifford Arms – Wolverhampton, UK
Aug 18 – Vinyl Tap – Preston, UK
Aug 23 – Musikhuset – Gavle, Sweden
Aug 24 – Suomi Live – Tornio, Finland
Aug 31 – Eksjo Stadsfest – Eksjo, Sweden

The Mercury Riots

The Mercury Riots

In Solstice is the latest album by Mercury Riots. This captivating musical offering showcases the band’s unique blend of alternative rock and indie pop, creating a sound that is both dynamic and introspective.

With powerful vocals, intricate guitar melodies, and driving rhythms, In Solstice takes listeners on a journey through a range of emotions and sonic landscapes. The lyrics delve into themes of love, loss, and self-discovery, inviting listeners to connect on a deeper level with the music.

The production quality on this album is top-notch, allowing each instrument to shine while maintaining a cohesive sound throughout. From anthemic tracks that will have you singing along to more intimate ballads that tug at the heartstrings, In Solstice offers something for every mood and moment.

Mercury Riots’ musical prowess is on full display in this album, with each member contributing their talents to create a rich tapestry of sound. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the band or discovering their music for the first time, In Solstice is sure to leave a lasting impression.