VNTER Announce ‘Unfolding’ EP & First Single ‘Holy Freedom’

Arena Rock From Sweden

Swedish arena rockers VNTER, feat. ex-members of White Limo, have announced the release of their new EP ‘Unfolding‘ on March 22th, 2024. The first single and video for the song ‘Holy Freedom‘ will be out on February 9th, 2024.

Vnter Unfolding

The first single ‘Holy Freedom‘ can be pre-saved here:

Vnter Holy Freedom

Teaser first single:


1. Forever never ends
2. Pieces of me
3. Holy Freedom
4. New beginnings
5. Euphoria

Unfolding‘ was recorded in Studio Soundport in Ulricehamn, Sweden by Micke Andersson – who also produced, mixed and mastered the album. You can also hear him sing backup vocals and playing synth on ”Forever never ends” and piano on ”Pieces of me”.

Vnter Ban


Andy Larsson – Guitar and Vocals
Oliver Gonzales Stiller – Bass
Alexander Wedding – Drums and backup vocals
Rickard Borg – Lead Guitar


VNTER was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in November 2017 by singer and guitar player Andy. Since then they have done a lot of interviews, radio and live shows both in Sweden and outside of Sweden. With their explosive, high energy rock made for both big and small stages the now aim to get a bigger audience.

The band is also an extension and continuation of the previous band White Limo that had a few successful years and was put to its final rest in 2016. Andy took the best songs that were written and released with White Limo, gave them a make over and re-recorded them as VNTER which became the first album ”When it all comes down”. Previous to that they released two singles ”Make it up” and ”Queen”.

They have now just finished a brand new 5 song EP that is more commercial than they ever done. The band challenged themselves and a unique, brave, huge sound
came out of it. You probably have heard it before, but then again you probably haven’t. Recorded, produced, mixed & mastered in Studio Soundport in Ulricehamn by Micke Andersson who have a hand in the bands two previous albums.


The last album ”Overcoming” was written and recorded with only one member in the band (Andy) and was determined that VNTER was now a project where invited friends could come and join the recording sessions and live sessions. However Andy decided that it´s way more fun to have band members and begun the search in the early 2023.

And after two years hiatus from where the band was on hold and all the existing members left in one way or another they are back with new music, three new members Oliver Gonzales on bass, Alexander Weding on drums and Rickard Borg on lead guitar, new energy and more determination to play huge shows.

The mission from day one is to deliver in every aspect, both live on stage and on tape.

Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Muse and Queens of the stone age. These are the influences that helped form the shape and idea of the band and the will to play worldwide. That and a constant drive to be better, do more and write really good music.

If you take the blue pill you will wake up in your bed believing whatever you want to believe but if you take the red pill you will stay in VNTER´s world and they will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes”.

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