WITCHBOUND Release ‘End Of Paradise’ Music Video

German melodic metal band, WITCHBOUND, have released a new single and music video for ‘End Of Paradise‘, it’s the title track from their forthcoming second album, which will be released on April 30th via El Puerto Records. The YouTube video can be viewed below.

The single/video release, also reveal the first pictures and pre order of the strictly limited collector’s box (only 111 copies worldwide): https://bit.ly/3lxdDWE

Witchbound End Of Paradise

Six years after the sensational debut album “Tarot‘s Legacy“, WITCHBOUND step out of the shadows of their musical past and present a melodic metal album that will delight both previous fans and win many new ones.

End Of Paradise” is digital available here: https://backl.ink/144924184 and appears in addition to the collectors box as a JewelCase CD.

Witchbound Artwork


1. Prelude
2. Battle of Kadesh
3. Interstellar Odyssey
4. End of Paradise
5. Carved in Stone
6. Flags of Freedom
7. Torquemada
8. Nevermore
9. Last Divide
10. Sea of Sorrow
11. Foreign Shores
12. Dance of the Dead
13. These Tears
14. As long as we can rock
15. Our Hope



Stefan Kauffmann – Guitars (Stormwitch)
Peter Langer -Drums (Infinity’s Call, Stormwitch)
Natalie Pereira dos Santos – Vocals (Bionic Angel, Envinya)
Tobias Schwenk – Vocals (Alsion)
Julian Steiner – Guitars
Frank Bittermann – Bass (F.B.I.)