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Your new video is coming up. Our YouTube video + press campaign will deliver your message in the hands of the media people in a wide spectrum of rock & metal news. Our massive contact list is always up to date and growing. We have a strong relationship with several media partners in different channels to gain a high response rate to our campaigns.

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Rock’N’Growl Promotion is a independent music Publicity, Press, Promotion & Consulting company that was founded back in the 90s.

We have over 25 years experience in the music industry business. We have worked with coming bands, newcomers and well known names. Rawk!

We believe in our bands and our first goal is to see them succeed!

YouTube RockNGrowl Promotion

Some Of Our fromer bands/clients/partners:

Jaime Kyle, Lost Asylum, King Zebra, Star Vision, Dispyria, The Revenants, Vanish, Crossplane, Undertow, Pontillo & The Vintage Crew, Peterson, Lord Bishop, Warrior Soul, Crossplane, Cargo Records, Livewire Recods, Salem Rose Music, M-Theory Audiom Sons Of Sounds, AFM Records

Santa Cruz, Psycholies, Deadly Circus Fire, Alle Hackbar, Undertow, Reaktion, American Jetset, Ignited, Wallner Vain, Dawn Of Destiny, Sacrosanct, Slyder Smith & The Oblivion Kids, David Reece, Last Days Of Eden, Emerald Sun, Stepfahter Fred, Dieversity, Red To Grey, Graveshadow

Molly D’Ago, Sevi, Max Pie, Existance, Sacrosanct, Mean Streak, Jaime Kyle, Kill Ritual, GMR Music, Crusader Records, Golden Robot Records, Bad Mofo Records, Headless, Anti-Mortem, Tao, Mick Southerland, Ignited, Wildstreet, Sorceress Of Sin, Immortal Guardian, Silver Talon, Janina Jade, Cobra Cult, Monstr, Feral Ghost, The Straddlerz, Cats In Space…