Exorcism New Video Message Posted Online

Posted by on Feb 03, 2014 in News, Press, Promotion

A new video message from singer Csaba Zekan and drumm Garry King from doomy heavy metallers EXORCISM can be seen below.

…As the Sun turns black … the end of days are near…

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George Karafotis Joins With NoLogoPicks

Posted by on Jan 18, 2014 in News, Press, Promotion

Greek guitar player George Karafotis (RAVEN LORD, VERMILLION DAYS) is now endorsed by NoLogoPicks. Karafotis just recorded with RAVEN LORD the second full-lenght album. Read More →

RAVEN LORD Announce New Drummer

Posted by on Sep 02, 2013 in News, Press, Promotion

Multi-national heavy metal act RAVEN LORD have announced the addition of drummer CLAUDIO TIRINCANTI (BLAZE BAYLEY, TIM RIPPER OWENS – Live) to the group’s ranks. Read More →

RAVEN LORD To Release ‘PERISH’ Single

Posted by on Jun 06, 2013 in News, Press, Promotion

Heavy Metallers RAVEN LORD officially release their digital single “PERISH” on June 20 via ROCK N GROWL RECORDS. This is their first ballad and is a monumental and epic song about the end of things. The track comes from the same production batch as the critically acclaimed “DESCENT TO THE UNDERWORLD” which was released earlier this year. Read More →

RAVEN LORD Announces First UK Show

Posted by on May 26, 2013 in News, Press, Promotion

Heavy Metal weights RAVEN LORD announce their first show this summer to happen on 20th June 2013 at THE DIAMOND LIVE MUSIC in Nottinghamshire. The show is scheduled for press and fans in the UK and the location has been chosen close to Derby where the band is rehearsing.

RAVEN LORD will also perform at the R-MINE METALFEST on Saturday June 22nd main stage. This event just recently has been moved to Hamont Achel in Belgium. Read More →


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Italian hard rock band VOODOO HIGHWAY have announced to work on close collaboration with R-MINE PRODUCTIONS. The Belgium based booking agency is known for their many Summer festivals that they organize in Europe as well as tour planning for many bands. Read More →