US Glam Rockers DSP DAVID ‘SCARY’ PERRY Release ‘Combinations’ Music Video

US Glam Rockers DSP DAVID ‘SCARY’ PERRY have released a music video for ‘Combinations‘, the track is taken from the digital Rock/Metal Sampler ‘RAWKAHOLIC Volume 1‘ with 15 exclusive and unreleased tracks, which will be released on July 5, 2019 via Rock’N’Growl Records. RAWKAHOLIC Volume 1 featuring VARDIS, RYAN ROXIE, DESOLATION ANGELS, to name a few.

DSP DAVID ‘SCARY’ PERRY is an accomplished musician and author. He set out on his journey with rock music sometime in the early 1980’s. His 1970’s fascination with theatrical bands such as KISS, Alice Cooper, plus the eighties Motley Crue, Poison era, and many more acts set up this creative brilliant rock musician. Soaring rich lead vocals along with guitar brilliance produce one of the most tasteful enriched sounds in today’s rock music. Joining him are two incredible musicians Thumper on drums and Rhonda Roxx on Bass. These two musicians produce the driving rhythm section behind his live sound. All three make up the amazing original band DSP.

Rawkaholic Volume 1


RAWKAHOLIC Volume 1 – Track listing:

1. Syteria – Reflection (exclusive & unreleased)
2. Airforce – Sniper [feat. Paul Dianno], (exclusive & unreleased)
3. Desolation Angels – Fury [Live], (exclusive & unreleased)
4. Blackmayne – Legions (unreleased)
5. Daxx & Roxane – State Outta Myself (exclusive & unreleased)
6. Ryan Roxie – Nevermind (unreleased)
7. DSP David ‘Scary’ Perry – Combinations (exclusive & unreleased)
8. Phonomik – Vicious Circle (exclusive & unreleased)
9. Playhouse – On Fire (exclusive & unreleased)
10. Vardis – Move Along [Raw & Live in London], (exclusive & unreleased)
11. Blue Ruin – Scream Queen (exclusive & unreleased)
12. Love and a .38 – Live is a Cage, Honey (exclusive & unreleased)
13. KrashKarma – Walking On The Sun (exclusive & unreleased)
14. Rat Bastard Syndicate – Black Looking Glass (exclusive & unreleased)
15. Matt Keen – Everything Else (exclusive & unreleased)

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