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Savage Machine RockNGRowl

Savage Machine Signs With Rock’N’Growl

Danish old school heavy metallers SAVAGE MACHINE signed a …

One With The Flame

Green Death “One With The Flame” Video

US thrash metal band GREEN DEATH has premiered their …

Apollo Under Fire Rock

Apollo Under Fire ‘Gotta Believe’ Video

US rockers APOLLO UNDER FIRE released a new lyric …

Live Again

Dead By Wednesday ‘Live Again’ Video

US metal act DEAD BY WEDNESDAY released the new …

Only In Vegas

Cats In Space ‘Only In Vegas’ Video

UK rockers CATS IN SPACE released the new single …

Peter Scheithauer

Peter Scheithauer signs with Rock’N’Growl

Guitarist Peter Scheithauer (Killing Machine, Temple Of Brutality,

Days Of Anger

Days Of Anger “III” Album Snippets

Swedish Metallers DAYS OF ANGER posted song snippets online …

Doll Skin Punk

Doll Skin Release ‘In Your Face (Again)’ LP

US all-female punk rockers DOLL SKIN released “IN YOUR FACE …

Jay Jay Interview

Interview Twisted Sister’s John ‘Jay Jay’ French

The Metalgods Meltdown conducted an interview with the legend …

Arise In Chaos

Arise In Chaos ‘Terminal Cognition’ Album

US metallers ARISE IN CHAOS to release their new …

Dead By Wednesday

Dead By Wednesday ‘Darkest Of Angels’ Album

US metallers DEAD BY WEDNESDAY to release their new …

Green Death 2016

Green Death ‘Devil’s Night’ Video Released

US thrash metal band GREEN DEATH has premiered their …

Peekaboo Primate

Peekaboo Primate ‘Misanthropical’ Album

Finnish alternative metal band PEEKABOO PRIMATE

Helstar 2016

Helstar To Release ‘Black Cathedral’ Single

HELSTAR to release their new single “Black Cathedral” this …

Green Death Band

Green Death Stream “Gates of Hell”

US thrash metal band GREEN DEATH streaming new song …

Doll Skin Punk

Doll Skin “Let’s Be Honest” Video

Phoenix-based female hard/punk rock act DOLL SKIN released their …